Did everyone get the run down on what happened last week? In case you missed it, here it is.. πŸ‘‡
On Facebook & Insta πŸ“² we saw a Youtube video meeting the team at our brand new Mt Gravatt store. Remember, they are open Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm.
- We also saw 'Family night' for Gelsoft where the kids had $15 OFF the session, we also viewed a 'Warning" for the Co2 shotguns, not to dry fire them, as well as our Tamborine tickets flying out the door! We also had a big reminder to apply the 'STOP & THINK' when purchasing/using a gel blaster. We also viewed the TE Sypder looking awesome, the lovely Jazz asking the best question of all.. Who's blasting today?? We also saw a few lives from the awesome Gilly bringing nothing but dope content!
- We are also heartbroken to announce that we had to shut up shop in Adelaide!
- With several posts from Peter Clark himself setting the record straight on a few issues and that we WILL be fighting for south Australia! And that ALL donations will go towards our fight for Gel blasters (Including donations from other companies).
On Youtube πŸ’» We saw the new Blasted Episode with Gilly going insane & the XTP GIVEAWAY!!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!! πŸ’₯😁

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Can’t wate for the giveaway