New Gel Blaster Products for Christmas 2019

New Gel Blaster Products for Christmas 2019

New Gel Blaster Products for Christmas 2019

At tactical Edge Hobbies, we are going to try to write a new blog on a regular basis to keep our awesome gel blaster community up to date with what we think is going to happen in the gel blaster industry and what products we see coming to our shores. 

The Elephant in the room at the moment is the possible law changes that are potentially coming to Gel Blasters in march next year. 

We have been assured that gel blasters are not going to be banned, however, we believe they are going to be restricted. 

We think the restrictions will be fairly mild to start with but at this stage we really have no idea what is going to happen. 

On a more positive note, some new products that are on the way. 

We have the new KAR98 Gel Blastrer on it's way with top loading gels it seems pretty cool and a whole bunch of new models seem set to be released as well. 

We are anticipating 2 new shotguns to arrive before Christmas, Kublai has a tan version of the K1 on the way and of course the P1 is the most highly anticipated gel blaster since the gen 9 M4A1. The Gen 9 didn't quite impress as we had hoped so lets hope the P1 is a bit different. 

Personally I have had a shoot of the P1 and first impressions are that it will be a game changer. lets hope it makes it here soon. 

Tactical Edge of course has it's own range that we are bringing out as quick as we can. We have some really cool stuff that is going to hit Aussie shores in the next month or two. This includes a new range of ultra high quality AK variants. 

On top of that we are in development of some other models that are not AK or M4 which we are sure will impress.  

We have heaps of upcoming Gelsoft games on the way and we are looking to expand this side of our business in the new year. 

No matter which way you look at it, 2020 is going to be a massive year in gel blasters and something tells me we are going to see a lot of new blasters and better quality than we have seen before. 

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment or question below. 


  • So can you guys start looking into sci-fi design weapons? I’m sure there are plenty of designs and designers out there who can help produce this.

    Fact is I want to have these, because they are fun to use, but I don’t want to end up causing unease or just have some idiot think otherwise.

    Plus I really would like some fictional firearms as an option, especially if if can be something similar to a Halo UNSC Assault Rifle

    Blake Chapman on

  • I think the restrictions will also apply to the ‘Replica’ or ‘Imitation’ category, down here in Vic I have had many years of dealing with customs and the firearms registry with my importation of my antique and vintage cap gun collection.

    The biggest issue with my collecting they say is that to the average person they look real and could be used in a hold up.

    Fact is I can buy, import antique firearms easier than cap guns, true story.

    I even wrote an article for Australian Shooter mag which outlined the hideous laws we have.

    After all my experiences with the law and driving down to Customs to clear a new arrival I can see gel blasters will come under the same restrictions, don’t mean to be a wet blanket but the more and more velocity they are churning out the more they will be focused on.

    Even a Daisy Targeteer that was made in the 1940’s that shoots .118 cal BB at 100fps, ( made for indoor fun ) and wont puncture a balloon has to come under my hand gun license.

    And recently on the news seeing those idiots with gel blasters and police pinning them down doesn’t help our hobby.

    I hope this wont happen but this is the cycle of what has happened to the rest of the country.

    I’d say buy as MANY gel blasters now before the wrath of the law comes to QLD

    Andrew T on

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