Postage Delays For Our customers, May 2018

Postage Delays For Our customers, May 2018

Postage Delays For Our customers, May 2018

Being the director of Tactical Edge is a super stressful job. Every time you do anything there is always a problem or there is someone saying that you can't do something. 

It is either Border force, the attorney generals department or the police. Authorities just don't seem to like anything that resembles a gun full-stop. Gel ball blasters are no different.

At the moment we are having a few issues when it comes to getting the orders out. I decided to employ a logistics expert to make sure that when the ship landed, it was unpacked, organised and when the orders came through they went out straight away. 

My logistics expert is a mate of mine and I warned him flat out that the gel blaster community is a beast and that there would be a ridiculous response to the arrival of our ship. He told me not to worry and that this was his job.

Well he didn’t listen did he!!! When I sent through the orders that the community put through his eyes started spinning like a top and the warehouse went into meltdown with the volume that came through and they pretty much couldn’t handle it.

Again I warned them all in advance but they didn’t listen.

So anyway I spent two days storming around the warehouse yelling and screaming like a lunatic until it all got back on track and everything settled into a groove and the orders started streaming out the door.

The point of the story is that we are back on track and the orders will be sent out really quickly from this point forward. Obviously this doesn’t help the people who are still waiting but they will have their orders next week.

Again I am sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused, I hope this doesn’t ruin our reputation.


  • Hi, i live in Victoria if i were to purchase one of these gelblasters day the G36 would i recieve it or not?

    Bain on

  • Hi there I’m in Victoria if you send me one of these toys will they stop them at post office

    Steve on

  • Hey man if like to get my hands on a M4A1 and they are all sold out? When’s will you have more in stock?
    Thank you.

    Ben on

  • Can you own gel blasters in nsw ?

    Ron on

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that the order I placed for vests on the 13th May arrived today 17th May in Springsure (Remote Central Queensland location) Now that’s fantastic!!!!! Thanks to Pete at Tactical Edge for all of his support as well. What a true professional. Good on guys and thanks heaps.

    Peter Spencer on

  • My order was only delayed by a few business days. Thanks for the quick response from my email I sent inquiring about it. If it helps, from the date of dispatch on Friday 11/05 the package(s) arrived in Townsville by Tuesday 15th – at least the spare mags did. The M4 arrived the following day (16th). Keep up the great work and don’t give an inch! Well done guys.

    Steve on

  • I am a new customer and ordered my first M4A1 from Tactical Edge. I also ordered another blaster directly from China on the same evening. It is surprising that I have received the China product already and am still waiting for the dispatch advice (not receipt) of the order from Australia. Yes it is frustrating and having been a long term Logistics Distribution Center Manager for high volume and value tobacco industry – I understand what pain you must have been experiencing. Nevertheless, I am sticking by you at present as I have just placed a second order (without receiving the first). Only time will tell if I have made an error in judgement. Hope things pan out soon for everyone. Cheers, Peter Spencer.

    Peter Spencer on

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