Tactical Edge Back In Business January 2018

Tactical Edge Back In Business January 2018

Tactical Edge Back In Business January 2018

It seems we have won the battle but not the war at this stage!!! In QLD we can Legally sell Gel ball blasters and there is no restrictions on owning one in our state. For all other states we are not sure of how restrictions (if any) will be applied to these toy Blasters. If you are going to order one of our products we recommend that you consult with your local law enforcement to check that your purchase is within the bounds of the law. 
In saying all of this, our website is back up and runing and we are fully stocked and ready to take orders. Our Toys are on the ground in queensland and ready to be shipped out to our customers. 


  • Hi Peter,
    I sent you a seperate email but received no response from that one so trying again.
    We are very good friends of Tom Tolley and Amenda. We would like to put your products into our shop at Beaudesert. Tom works very closely with us and he said we may have a chance of getting your products at wholesale and selling in our store and to contact you. Can you please advise if this is possible and if it is when could we expect any stock from your warehouse etc.
    I can be contacted on 0401635885 at any time convenient to you.

    Regards Garth
    Jennys Western Products (Wild Shot)
    Beudesert QLD 4285

    Garth Whyte on

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