18:1 BIGRRR CNC Gears



BIGRRR 18:1 CNC Gear Set

High grade alloy gears with bearings on the Spur gear and Sector gear with reduction of gear resistance of about 60%
This Gear set is the same ratio as standard gearboxes.

These gears will require shimming.


For the Experts:

Bevel Gear: has three layers of teeth: the inner layer of 10 teeth; the outer layer is 30 teeth; the middle is 4 teeth;
Spur Gear: has two layers of teeth: the inner layer is 20 teeth, and the outer layer is 39 teeth;
Sector Gear: has two layers of teeth: the inner layer is 32 teeth, and the outer layer is 16 teeth;

Count the gear for example:

Pinion Gear (3.0 laps) β†’ Bevel Gear (1.0 laps)
Bevel Gear (3.9 laps) β†’ Spur Gear (1.0 laps)
Spur Gear (1.6 laps) β†’ Sector Gear (1.0 laps)
3.0 x 3.9 x 1.6 = 18.72

This product is suited for Toy Gel Blasters

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