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The Amped Line was developed during the rise in popularity of High  Pressure Air (HPA) Airsoft systems in the United States. We, as avid  players, wanted a better solution to air delivery than repurposed  paintball equipment that did not quite meet our demands. Thus, the Amped  Line was born.

Unlike some other lines in the market, our Amped Lines use a durable  wide bore line protected with high-strength nylon sheathing to prevent  general wear during games. The biggest benefit of the wide bore line we  use is that it allows for more air passage than traditional 6mm macro  line. This helps improve refresh rate and helps drive air-hungry systems  like Daytona Guns or GBB guns that have been HPA tapped.

Have peace of mind  when you’re on the field knowing that your Amped Line is hand-made and  tested in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Best  of all, our lines carry a limited lifetime warranty against  manufacturer’s defects.

Additional Information:


  • Carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Each line is quality control tested after being assembled.
  • Available in many different colorways to make your lines unique to YOU!
  • Durable nylon sheathing adds color to your line and protects it from damage without compromising its flexibility.
  • Custom text available to add your name, call sign, or anything you want!
  • Utilizes industry standard FOSTERS fittings.
  • Comes in with  Dual Quick Disconnect fittings which are compatible with most Airsoft  regulators on the market today! Redline, PolarStar, Wolverine, and  more! 
  • Rated for up to 200 PSI. Do not attempt to utilize this for applications that require over 200 PSI.


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