APS Combat Arms AK74S Gelsoft Blaster

SKU: ASK211 / 789219190497


An AKS-74U Style bridges the tactical deployment gap between a submachine gun and a assault rifle. In Gelsoft, It is an ideal blaster for players who love that special forces look. The Combat Arms AK74S Style is significantly more manoeuvrable in tight quarters so it is the perfect CQB blaster. 

The post apocalyptic looking blaster will show no mercy to the apposing team and will send them swiftly to their respawn!

Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to pulling any of the blaster apart or opening it up, changing springs or upgrading the battery from 7.4v to an 11.v battery. 

About APS

APS Limited was established in 2001. APS started by specializing in designing and building Simulation Training Equipment (Real Action Markers & Powder Balls for training simulation). APS - the three words stand for Accuracy - Pneumatics - Shooting. With their knowledge and experience, APS launched a new product line - Electronic Blow Back (EBB) products to spur the current Gelsoft Market. Since entering the Gel Blaster industry their line of Gel rifles, pistols and accessories have been incredibly popular.


    Metal Upper & Lower Body APS V3 Silveredge Metal Gearbox
    Short CQB Design Quick Change Spring System with four locking legs instead of two
    Steel Flash Hider
    Modified Easy To Reach Fire Select
    Compatible with RX AKM Magazines Blow Back
    Pistol Grip is made of a reinforced polymer.  Length: 74cm(L) x 25cm(H) x 5cm(W)
    Extended Push Bar Mag Release Weight: 3kg


    Quick Release Magazine Device

    The ASK211 magazine release mechanism has been upgraded to incorporate a quick release mechanism. The magazine release push bar has been extended to the trigger guard area reachable by the user's finger. Therefore the user can simply perform a magazine release action with one finger control. 

    Quick Fire Selector Device

    Similar to the Quick Release Magazine Device, the ASK211 Fire Selector mechanism has been modified. The switch has been re-designed so it is reachable by the operators finger. Therefore the operator no longer needs a spare hand to perform a switching of firing mode during operation. 

    Full Tactical Hand Guard

    The ASK211 comes standard with M-Lok RIS hand guard. It is a tactical and light-weighted handguard made by Aluminium. The design is unique but fully TM compatible, that means you can simply mount optic sight, scope or after market accessory on this blaster.



      Model: APS Combat Arms AK74S (ASK211) Bushing/Bearings: 8mm Bushings 
      Recommended Gel Type: AKA/ TEH Ultra  Gears:  APS Cast 18:1 Metal Gears
      Type: Electric Gel Blaster (AEG) Motor: 480 Long Shaft Motor
      Inner Barrel Size: tbc length/ 7.5mm ID Spring:  M100
      Barrel Type: Polished Stainless Steel Rounds Per Minute: 750-850 RPM
      Battery Source: Mini Tamiya 7.4v thin Velocity: 280+ TEH Hard Gel
      Gear Box: Silveredge v3  Barrel Thread Type: +14
      Fire Modes: Safe/Semi/Full Auto Magazine Type: RX AKM Magazine
      Hop up:  Gen 9 or 10 Reverse Thread Hopup Magazine Capacity: 280+ gel rounds
      Blaster Length:   Handguard: MLOK Alloy CQB Style


      ** Battery and Charger not included

        In the Box

        1x  Combat Arms AK74S Gel Blaster  1x RX AKM Magazine - Black
        1x Plastic 14mm Left Handed Thread Orange Flash Hider 1x Alloy 14mm Left Handed Thread Flash Hider - Black
        1x Safety Glasses

        ** Battery and Charger not included

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