LH Honey Badger Gel Blaster


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  • Description

    The LH Honey Badger PDW is a CAR-15 based gel blaster. 

    The LH Honey Badger is the closest gel blaster AEG to that looks like the AAC Honey Badger. It features a unique telescopic stock, a light weight hand guard, full nylon external construction, plastic suppressor, functional blow back, mag primer and is shooting on TEH Ultras or TEH Hardened White approx 230-240 FPS, or hitting approx 300 FPS on Orange Gels but with incosistant accuracy. 

    Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to pulling any of the blaster apart or opening it up, changing springs or upgrading the battery from 7.4v to an 11.v battery.  

  • Features

    LH Honey Badger Gel Blaster

    • Nylon Construction
    • Plastic Suppressor
    • Functional Blow Back
    • Mag Primer
    • Telescopic Stock
  • Specs
    • Manufacturer: LH
    • Model: Honey Badger
    • SKU: 742521028827
    • Colour: Tan/Sand
    • Velocity: 230-240 FPS on TEH Milkies/TEH Ultra. 300 FPS Orange gels but not consistant when shooting. 
    • Fore-end: Nylon
    • Receiver: Nylon
    • Type: M4
    • Fire Option: Safe, Single, Semi, Auto 
    • HopUp: tbc
      Suitable Hopup: tbc 
    • Outer Barrel: tbc
    • Inner Barrel: tbc
    • Gearbox: tbc
    • Gearset: tbc
    • Bushing: tbc
    • Mosfet: no
    • Range: 15-20m
    • Magazine Capacity: approx 200 gels 
    • Magazine Type: 
    • Gel Type: Tac Edge Milkies & Ultras. Can use orange but they are a little inconsistant. 
    • Weight: tbc
    • Length: tbc

    More spec information coming soon. 

    DO NOT USE 11.1v Batteries with this Gel Blaster

    Gel blasters are toys only and are NOT weapons or firearms.

    Always use the appropriate eye wear and take all reasonable safety precautions when using our products.

  • Package Includes
    • 1x LH Honey Badger Gel Blaster
    • 1x LH Honey Badger Magazine
    • 1x 7.4v Battery JST
    • 1x USB Charger
    • 1x Safety Glasses
    • Product Add-ons

      Battery -  https://tacticaledge.com.au/products/1400mah-7-4v-lithium-battery

      Magazine That Fit - J10 (click here)  SLR  (click here)

      Gels - TEH Ultra Gels (Click Here)  TEH Hardened Gels (Click Here)  Orange (Click Here)

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