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Milsig M79 200mm Foam Dart Blaster - Red

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MILSIG M79 Foam Dart Blaster - Red

The M79 is the first ever C02/ HPA-powered “sniper” foam dart blaster. Full & semi auto select-fire.

Designed & produced by MILSIG. At this stage, there will be a Limited supply.


– Full metal and nylon construction
– Select fire with safe, semi, and full-auto modes
– Swappable barrel lengths.
– Easy take-down access for maintenance
– Charging handle to reset bolt and clear jams
– Powered by the MILSIG M79 Heat Core (NOT SuperCORE)
– Velocity: 200-350FPS. Pressure adjustable by nob on bottom of built-in second stage regulator.
- The MILSIG M79A1 comes stock with a 16g Co2 compartment in the butt stock. Co2 is not included
– HPA Bottle-on Stock Setup can be added to the M79 but is not included (sold separately) - Click Here for HPA Add On
– Metal barrel thread cover included by default
– Large orange muzzle tip available


**Picture displayed shows the HPA stock however that is sold separately and you will receive the Co2 stock.

General Information

– Dart Zone Pro Darts recommended by Milsig (but Worker darts work fine at not max pressure)
Worker Talon Mags Recommended 
- Worker Gen3 Dart Compatible

REGULATOR (for bottle-on or remote-line setups)
– Designed by MILSIG
– Regulator has built-in ON/OFF function (Highly recommended)

TANK (for bottle-on or remote-line setups)
– Almost any standard HPA tank can work with the blaster, however, the tank provided here is especially fit for the bottle-on stock. SLP/LPA tanks are NOT compatible.
– Tank regulator output must be 800psi

How many shots per tank? 
– 13ci tank on full power: ~150 shots
– 48ci tank on full power: ~600 shots
– 16g Co2 tank on full power: ~40

(Shot count is an estimate. Performance might vary based on blaster settings & elevation, etc)


Tactical Edge Hobbies do not have 16 gram C02 in stock, we recommend heading to one of your local bike shops like 99 Bikes. Click Here For Example. 

 Included In The Box:

1x MILSIG M79 Foam Dart Blaster
1x  Worker Talon 15 dart Straight Stefan/Short Dart Magazine

Instructions/ Q&A

Instruction Manual - Click Here


QNA SHEET - Click here



When you purchase from Tactical Edge Hobbies, you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality, reliable product with a 30 day warranty and a dedicated team of technicians to assist you with what you need.

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