Trident Silicone Gun Oil - 30ml

SKU: 742521028568


Trident Silicone Gun Oil is a high quality silicone lubricant for the seals and internals of gelsoft blasters. It also produces a fine high sheen finish on all blasters and accessories that protects from moisture and dirt, eliminating rusting and corrosion.

It is highly water repellent to prevent rain and water attaching to your blaster. Just like a well polished car rainwater beads and runs off. This prevents rusting and corrosion even while you are shooting in the worse of weathers.

Trident Silicone Gun Oil has a couple of major advantages over mineral oils. It is not harmful to wood; mineral oil penetrates and softens wood. The joint between stock and lock can become weak over time. Trident Silicone Gun Oil prevents this happening and can be used all over the blatter. Keep clear of chequering though as the silicone is slippery!

Trident Silicone Gun Oil does not evaporate like mineral oils so you keep an oily film for much longer. At the end of the season give a quick application and the guns will be protected until you need them again.

Fingerprints can be a major problem, especially where fingers touch the barrels. The acids within the skin attack the barrels and cause pitting, allowing rust to form. Application of Trident Silicone Gun Oil prevents fingerprints and stops pitting from starting.

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