WE TECH AC0001 Chronograph



Large LED display for day or night use including back light option, runs of a rechargeable internal battery (NiMH), diameter large enough to test paintballs. You can set gel diameter, weight and convert output into feet per second, meters per second or even auto-calculate for kinetic energy (joules) This chrono can also measure the rate of fire.

Tough and ergonomic design, they even styled it to look like field equipment, this model is available in Green. USB charging cable included. 

Dimensions: W106x D85 x H36 mm

  • Measure the muzzle velocity / bullet speed of your Gelsoft Gun 
  • This Chrono can measure muzzle velocity in 3 Unit: m/sec, Joules & round/sec, all in one display 
  • LED Display use for Indoor / Outer, Day Time / Night Time 
  • Built-in rechargeable  battery 
  • Come With USB power cord
  • Full Metal Flash hider tube allow more accurate testing 
  • Tripod Screw to fit camera tripod 


Package Includes:

1x WE TECH Chronograph
1x USB Charging Cable


This product is suited for Toy Gel Blasters

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