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Revolvers - FAQs

How does a revolver gel blaster work?

Revolver gel blasters are toys that shoot a gel ball when you pull the trigger. From there, how the revolver fires will depend on its mechanism.

Revolver gel blasters are either manually or automatically powered. Manual loading is just that - there's a manually loaded spring that you have to power by hand. On the other hand, automatic revolvers can be powered by a rechargeable battery or by a canister of compressed gas.

Gas-powered gel blasters include both CO2 and green gas Airsoft revolvers. In these revolvers, pulling the trigger will set off a spring-loaded hammer inside the launcher.

The hammer strikes a valve that releases the gas stored inside the gas canister, and the pressurised air escapes at high speed, propelling the gel balls at your target.

Is a revolver gel blaster legal?

Whether a revolver gel blaster is legal depends on which part of Australia you live in. In Queensland, you don't need a license, but in other states and territories, it's likely you will need to apply for a license.

Queensland is the only state where revolver gel blasters are entirely legal, meaning that you can own and use the revolver without a permit.

In Victoria, revolver gel blasters are legal for re-enactment groups and there have been no regulations brought in to ban them. However, gel blasters are currently undergoing legal debate to ascertain their legality.

In New South Wales and Western Australia, revolver gel blasters are regarded as a restricted weapon. In South Australia, they are classified under the same clause as paintball, meaning you need a licence to own and hold revolver gel blasters.

What if I live in a state where I need a license?

In states other than Queensland, to legally own and possess a gel blaster, you may need a license such as a paintball permit or a collectors' permit. This license is usually easy to obtain - for example, by joining an approved participating club that deals with imitation toys, such as a re-enactment club.

Our advice is to join a club and obtain a permit, so that you are safely within the bounds of the law. This is especially true if you live in New South Wales or Western Australia, which regard revolver gel blasters as restricted devices. South Australia puts them in the same category as paintball guns, which also need a license.

In Victoria, we still recommend you to join a club. However, even if you don't go through this process, there have been multiple cases where the Magistrate has ruled that a gel blaster is not a firearm, replica or prohibited weapon.

Also, take the time to talk to your local law enforcement branch. This way, you'll learn if there are any restrictions on using gel blasters in your local area, as well as letting the police officers know that your gel blaster is a permitted device.

Please note none of this is legal advice, just general guidelines. Please do your own due diligence.