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Tactical Vests - FAQs

What is the purpose of a tactical vest?

A tactical vest is a piece of clothing worn by soldiers and law enforcement personnel that is designed to provide a number of different functions. The most common function of a tactical vest is to provide a place to carry equipment and supplies, such as ammunition, radios, and first aid kits.

Most modern tactical vests incorporate pockets for carrying ammunition and other essential gear, loops or attachment points for attaching additional equipment, and colours or patterns that help the wearer blend in with their surroundings.

Plate carriers are a type of tactical vest often used to provide extra protection from bullets and other projectiles. They are not impervious to all forms of attack however.

In particular, ballistic-resistant carriers are designed to protect against bullets but are not effective against knives or other sharp objects. Additionally, armoured vests can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, which can limit their usefulness in certain situations.

There is a growing market for civilian body armour, which is often used by security guards, private investigators, and others who may find themselves in dangerous situations.

What is the difference between a plate carrier and a tactical vest?

Plate carriers are a kind of tactical vest designed to protect the wearer's vital organs from bullets and other projectiles. Plate carriers are typically made from ballistic-resistant materials and may also incorporate armoured plates.

Tactical vests more broadly are not usually designed to provide ballistic protection. Instead, they focus on providing a place to carry equipment and supplies, and may also incorporate features such as camouflage and additional loops or attachment points.

Who wears a tactical vest?

Tactical vests are typically worn by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security guards. They are also worn by some civilians such as hunters and preppers.

Tactical vests are used to carry equipment and provide protection. They typically have many pockets and pouches for carrying items such as ammunition, radios, tools, and first aid kits. Some vests also have ballistic protection plates that can provide additional protection from gunfire.

Tactical vests are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the needs of different users. Some vests are designed for specific tasks, such as covert operations or hostage rescue. Others are more general-purpose and can be used for a variety of applications.

Is a tactical vest better than plate carrier?

It really depends on the specific situation and threat level as to which is better suited for your purpose.

Plate carriers are designed to protect the wearer from ballistic threats and offer more coverage than tactical vests. However, they can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, which can limit their usefulness in certain situations. Tactical vests may offer a number of benefits over armoured vests - they’re typically lighter and more comfortable to wear, but offer less protection than plate carriers.

What tactical vest do police use?

There are a few different types of tactical vests that police in Australia wear depending on the situation.

For example, they might wear a ballistic vest during a high-risk operation where there is an increased likelihood of gunfire. Or they might wear an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) vest when responding to a call involving explosives.

Some of the other types of vests that police in Melbourne Australia wear include riot gear vests, search and rescue vests, special operations vests and training vests. Each type of vest has its own specific purpose and is designed to be comfortable and protect the wearer from different types of threats.