Gel Blasters in Victoria

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Gel blasters have a lot of questions about if they are entirely legal in Victoria, so feel free to read on discover more information now.

Gel Blasters Australia Victoria - FAQs

Are gel blasters legal in Victoria?

Gel blasters are defined as a prohibited device in Victoria. At this stage, customers will need to seek and have permission from authorities before making a purchase from Tactical Edge Hobbies. Please visit this site for more information regarding gel blasters in Victoria. 

In Victoria, there is a clarification between a Toy Gel Blaster and Gel Blaster that is up for debate. As long as the device is not shaped or coloured as a real firearm, they can technically be classified as a toy gun, and as such, those devices are not prohibited.

It's an issue that has been characterized by much misinformation. The confusion partially arises from the fact that imitation and replica guns are prohibited devices, and some gel blasters fall under this category. However, other gel blasters in Australia and Victoria can be potentially classified as a toy - meaning they are not illegal.

Please make sure that you do your due diligence before you make a purchase of gel blasters. It is your responsibility to make sure you have obtained the correct permissions to own and use gel blasters under prohibited classifications, before you make your purchase.

Have gel blasters been made illegal in Victoria?

You may have read recent announcements that gel blasters in Victoria have been suddenly banned. This is not true - there's been no changes recently for gel blasters under Victoria law.

While there have been zero changes for gel blasters under Victoria law, in the event there were changes to the regulations in the future, it would be easy to argue that a collectors' or re-enactment permit could be required.

However, as with any device of this nature, you must enact safe use and care with this device and do not use this device in public settings like any gel blaster in Victoria or across the country, amongst people who aren't part of the gel blaster community.

Part of the appeal of gel blasters is that they can be used in military simulation events. So they could potentially be misunderstood by members of the public - or police force - who aren't familiar with them.

Use of gel blasters in Victoria to private or specially designated areas with appropriate permission from enforcement agencies.

Can I get a gel blaster in Victoria?

With appropriate authority to purchase a gel blaster, you may get a gel blaster in Victoria. Our range gel blasters and tactical gear is available online, and we ship all across the country, including to Victoria.

If you're worried about whether gel blasters are legal in Victoria, the short answer is do your research. Please seek appropriate permission from authorities before making a purchase with Tactical Edge Hobbies for Gel Blasters.

If they were to be restricted in the future, a license such as a collectors' or re-enactment license might be a solution to ownership to have the legal permit to own gel blasters in Victoria.

So, you can go ahead and look today at Tactical Edge Hobbies!

How to get a Gel ball blaster in Victoria

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