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Gel Blaster Melbourne - FAQs

Where can I buy a gel blaster in Melbourne?

Shop gel blasters for sale in Melbourne at Tactical Edge Hobbies. Browse online for all the Melbourne gel blasters, tactical gear, clothing and accessories you could need for tactical gaming.

Melbourne gel blasters legal with the right permission from your local law enforcement agency. Is is definitely possible to use your gel blaster in Melbourne.

Despite anything you may have read in the media, there is nothing in Victoria law about gel blasters in Melbourne, so they haven't been specifically banned. If they were to be restricted in the future, they will still be legal, you will simply need a collectors' or reenactment license for your gel blaster in Melbourne.

Have a look at our extensive range, all available online. Reach out to our friendly team for advice or go ahead and make your purchase today!

Where can I play gel blaster skirmish in Melbourne?

Unfortunately, there is little in the way of organised games and competitions in Victoria, and you will likely have to travel interstate to South Australia or Queensland to take part in the events there.

In those states, there are plenty of venues with specialised urban or outdoor fields for you to get on your tactical skills and instincts.

While many people with a gel blaster in Melbourne travel interstate, the alternative option is to enquire with local sports venues in Victoria to see if they can accommodate.

Are there any gel blaster groups in Melbourne?

There are some groups for Melbourne gel blaster communities, such as the Victorian Airsoft Association.

However, these kinds of groups are for education and advocacy purposes - they are fighting on your behalf for gel blasters in Melbourne to become legally accepted in the state of Victoria.

They focus on how regulations affect Melbourne gel blasters communities, rather than actually organising any games or events.

Are gel blasters legal in Melbourne?

Gel blasters in Melbourne are under same state laws as Victorian laws. Certain Gel Blasters are classified as Imitation Firearms and fall under a restricted category. Some Gel Blasters can also feasibly be classified as Toys devices and have no restriction. Click here for more information.

So whatever you may have read in the papers, if you have the correct permission and licensing from Law Enforcement, it is possible for you to own and use gel blasters in Melbourne.

However, keep in mind that replicas and imitation guns require appropriate licensing. Make sure you are buying gel blasters that Melbourne and Victoria that can classify as toys, not as replicas.

Melbourne gel blasters might have an orange tip, or look like a toy device, to help differentiate them from real firearms. If in doubt, seek advice from your local police station.

We recommend everyone to only use your gel blaster in Melbourne at responsible, verified venues, that have appropriate permission to host events.

DISCLAIMER: The contents above do not constitute legal advice, are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.