Gel Blasters in Adelaide

Are you an avid gel blaster hobbyist? Tactical Edge Hobbies is your home for all the accessories and tactical gear you'd ever need.

Shop our range of gel blasters, tactical gear and clothing, toy gun accessories and parts, and much more. Please note that we are able to ship blasters to South Australia, but you will need to first provide us some information. We apologise for the inconvenience.

South Australia Regulations

Gel blasters have been designated as a Category 4 firearm in South Australia -  putting these toy guns in the same category as paintball.

If you hold a license for a Category 4 firearm, Tactical Edge Hobbies can sell and ship to South Australia, as we can make arrangements for a custom order for you. You will need to email our customer support team at info@tacticaledge.com.au and let us know what gunnery you can pick up your items from.

Meanwhile, all our other products, such as accessories and clothing, are currently available to ship to South Australia with no changes to the remaining policy.

Popular Gel Blasters in Adelaide

We stock accessories and parts for all the popular models of gel blasters in Adelaide. Browse our extensive range online, including all the must-have gel balls and other essentials to get your gel blaster up and running. Buy online at Tactical Edge Hobbies, your gel blaster shop in Adelaide.

Picking the Right Gel Blaster in Adelaide

Picking the right gear for your gel blaster hobby has never been easier. Simply buy online at any time and join the growing band of recreational hobbyists who are making blaster-style fun their main game. Shop at Tactical Edge Hobbies for all your accessory needs in gel blasters and airsoft in Adelaide.

Gel Blaster Adelaide - FAQs

Where can I play gel blaster skirmish in Adelaide?

Looking for gel blaster Adelaide locations? Local venues include Mega Courts — Indoor Sports, Danger Close Gel Blaster Arena, Adelaide Gel Blaster Skirmish and Gel Ball South, just to name a few.

Are there any gel blaster groups in Adelaide?

One example of a specialist gel blaster group in Adelaide is the Special Unicorn Club. With up to 900 members, this select gel ball club in South Australia holds local events for players and enthusiasts to take part in full-day events of gel blaster fun.

Are gel blasters legal in Adelaide?

If you've been wanting to buy your very own gel blaster in Adelaide, you can breathe easy. Gel blasters are legal in South Australia, although you'll have to obtain a Category 4 licence for Category A firearms.

Though gel blasters are not firearms - they can't cause injury or death - they do fire projectiles. This puts them in the same category as paintball guns: Category A firearms. You need the Category 4 licence to legally own and use gel blasters and Gelsoft (Airsoft) in Adelaide and South Australia.

Can I get fined for using a gel blaster in Adelaide?

You won't get fined for using a gel blaster in Adelaide, unless you're stepping outside the bounds of your legal permit.

Make sure to have the correct Category 4 licence, which is the legal permit to own, carry and use Category A firearms in South Australia. Both paintball guns and gel blasters are considered Category A firearms in this state.

Once you have your license, you can safely practice or play games with your gel blaster in a gel blasting venue. There is a wide range of select venues that specialise in the recreational use of gel blaster skirmish in Adelaide.

DISCLAIMER: The contents above do not constitute legal advice, are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.