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Popular Gel Blasters in Sydney  

Are you looking for a full range of gel blasters in Sydney? Check with your local law enforcement for your state’s regulations and browse the range at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

This includes toy pistols, rifles and submachine guns, as well as all the tactical gear, clothing and accessories you need for tactical gaming.

Buying a Gel Blaster in Sydney Online 

All our range is available online, and we ship across Australia. Please make sure to first check your local state’s policies on gel blasters.

As a hobby that's becoming more popular by the day, Tactical Edge Hobbies is a leading supplier of Sydney gel blasters. So if you're after a gel ball blaster in Sydney, have a look through our stock, reach out to our team if you need any advice on what's suitable for you, and make your purchase today.

Gel Blasters Sydney - FAQs

Where can I buy gel blasters in Sydney?

Where else but Tactical Edge Hobbies? Shop online for all your Sydney gel blasters and tactical gear.

Are gel blasters legal in Sydney?

Gel guns in Sydney and New South Wales are regarded as a restricted device. This means you will need appropriate clearance to legally own and use gel ball blasters in Sydney. Gel Blasters are classified as an Air Rifle and therefore a Category A Firearm in New South Wales and require appropriate clearance. For more information, click here.

Where can I play gel blaster skirmish in Sydney?

There are plenty of specialist venues to practice and play games with gel blasters. Simply have a look online or ask our team about venues for gel blasters in Sydney.

What is a gel blaster?

Sydney gel blasters are toys used for tactical games, for recreational or sporting purposes. Gel guns shoot gel balls, which are loaded, aimed and fired.

How long do gel blaster batteries last?

For fully charged gel guns in Sydney, the battery should last the user up to several hours at a time, depending on the specific model.

How far can a gel blaster shoot?

Gel ball blasters in Sydney can shoot from 18 to 25 meters in firing range, depending on the specific model.

Do gel blasters hurt?

Being hit by a gel blaster at close quarters may cause mild, immediate pain. However, gel blasters cannot cause injury - even any mark they leave will fade within a few minutes or hours.

Are gel blaster balls toxic to dogs?

Pet lovers, rejoice! The gel balls used by Sydney gel blasters are not toxic to dogs. Made from silica beads, you should avoid your dog from ingesting them, but they won't be harmful.

Are the gel balls biodegradable?

Gel balls are made from biodegradable silica beads. This is great news for both Sydney gel blasters enthusiasts and the environment!

Can you shoot BBs out of a gel blaster?

In a word, no. Gel ball blasters in Sydney are specifically designed to only fire gel balls, so they won't be able to fire ball bearings (BBs). The gel balls are soft, biodegradable silica beads, so they are much safer for both people and the environment to use.

How to store gel blaster balls

To store gel balls that have already been hydrated, simply drain them of any visible water and store them in a container such as an empty plastic bottle. Our gel blaster shop also offers specialized storage containers for gel blaster balls. Put them in the fridge for longer-term storage.

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