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Glock Pistols Australia

For the perfect meeting point of performance, durable build and a realistic toy pistol, this Glock is it.

How realistic is this gel blaster? The Glock comes with a kicker of an extreme blowback, so it'll look and feel just like the real deal in your hand. It also has a high-capacity magazine and a trigger safety for heightened accuracy.

This toy gun is as close to the real thing as you'll come.

Glock Australia - FAQs

How to load a Glock magazine?

To load a Glock magazine, first, load your Green Gas cylinder. You will need to use an allen key to remove the bottom plate of the CO2 cylinder, and put the CO2 canister in with the head pointing upwards.

Tighten it fully until you hear the sound of the canister locking shut - this may sound like a brief hissing noise as the gas is closed off. This means your canister isn't going to be leaking any gas.

The next step is to load the gel balls. On the magazine, pull the spring all the way back, so that the opening is completely exposed. You can simply load the gel balls into the mag.

If you find it a bit finicky to fit the gel balls into the mag, you can use a pistol speedloader to make it easier. Only fit in the correct number of gel balls into the mag, to make sure you don't jam the Glock gel blaster.

How many Glocks are there?

There are two popular models of gel blaster Glocks in Australia: These are the Glock 17 and the Glock 18.

Tactical Edge Hobbies stocks both models, and whether you're after a manual mag feed or an automated gel blaster, we've got you covered.

These recently released models are still some of the most innovative out there on the market, with a gas-powered delivery for all your outdoor gaming.

With a nylon body, metal barrel and a trigger safety switch, the Glock is one of the most realistic models available among gel blasters. It's also one of the best value for your money!

Agile and dependable, Glock pistols in Australia are a long-time favourite among fans in the gel blaster community.

Do Glocks jam?

While it's normal for any toy to jam once in a while, if it keeps up, it can quickly become frustrating. Especially when you need the Glock gel blaster to work on cue during a game!

Simply make sure you buy qualified gel balls from official retail outlets. The best glock gel balls to use are ones that are designed for use with Gas Blowback pistols. Gel balls for Glock gel blasters should be in the range of 7 to 8 mm wide. Also make sure they're not too old and out-of-date.

Hydrate them for the correct length of time, according to the instructions on the packet. If they haven't been soaked in water for long enough, Glock gel balls may be under-hydrated and too small. This means they can get stuck inside the gel blaster.

Similarly, when you're done using the Glock, make sure to remove all the gel balls from the magazine. You don't want gel balls in a Glock to dehydrate and shrivel inside - again, that'll get them stuck in places you don't want them to reach.

Also, don't overload your magazine. A mag that's stuffed with too many gel balls won't be able to smoothly operate when you fire.