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HK416 Gel Blasters - FAQs

How many gels does a HK416 mag hold

The HK416 gel blaster can hold up to 250 gel balls in its magazine. With both semi- and fully automatic modes available, the large mag capacity means you can keep playing for an extended game time, and the HK416 will keep delivering.

How to get rid of HK416 iron sights

Usually, you don't need to remove the iron sights or front sight from the HK416 gel blaster. You can flick these down in a skirmish, out of your way, if you prefer to not have them obscuring your view.

The iron sights are an attachment housed on the handguard of the HK416 gel ball gun, which comes with your original HK416 purchase. It adds an optical sight to your HK416, helping to improve the accuracy of your aim.

If you prefer to remove the iron sights completely, you can pull out the pins or screws holding them in place. They should slide out gently, but give it a gentle tap if that helps them along the way. Don't try to force the iron sights, to prevent any accidental damage.

How to install HK416 diopter sights

The diopter sights is an HK416 gel blaster accessory that can help you to aim your HK416 more accurately.

You will need a spring and a bolt to attach the sights - look for these parts, they should be supplied with your HK416 gel ball gun.

Put the spring through the bolt. Then line up the diopter sights where you want it to be placed. Put the bolt into the hole you see on the side of the sights and tighten it up.

Now your sights are ready to use during your tactical gaming. Enjoy the new and improved accuracy with your HK416 gel blaster accessories!

How to load gel blaster HK416 magazine

Loading the mag on an HK416 gel blaster is easy. To fill up the magazine, open the door at the top of the mag. Stay clear of the mag terminals that are next to the door, otherwise, you could end up accidentally breaking some wires.

Make sure that your HK416's gel balls are fully hydrated and ready to go, and use a sieve to get rid of any excess water. You don't want too much water to get into the mag compartment of your HK416, as the water can drown the motor that powers the mag's delivery, which may affect its functioning. While the mag can deal with a bit of water - the gel balls are hydrated, after all - there is such a thing as too much, and this is what you want to avoid.

Once you've checked the HK416's gel balls, you can simply fill the gel balls into the mag. It will be able to take about 250 gel balls at full capacity. Don't overload the magazine, otherwise, you could end up with the mag jamming and gel balls getting stuck in the internal mechanisms of the HK416 gel ball gun.

Once the mag is full, just slide it into the magazine holder of the HK416 gel blaster and set it in place firmly. Give the HK416 a little shake to make sure the mag is in place properly.

HK416 gel blasters in Australia don't have a magazine primer. Instead, once you've loaded a fresh mag into the HK416, dry fire the blaster a little bit, so that the mag can get started feeding the blaster.

Finally, make sure you only use a magazine that is compatible with your HK416 gel ball gun. Refer to your user's manual for instructions on which types of mags you can use.