Gel Blaster Shotgun - FAQs

How does a pump action gel blaster shotgun work?

There's no better toy gun than a gel blaster shotgun; it really gives you the feeling of handling the real deal, when you're playing tactical games with your friends.

Not only does the pump action gel blaster shotgun look great, but it's also fun and realistic to use as well. It's a highly methodical and interactive form of toy gun, as it's mechanically powered, meaning you need to manually load the spring of the toy gun for it to be able to fire.

There'll be a slot near the top of the shotgun gel blaster, where you can feed the gel balls into the toy gun to load it. As for gel ball capacity, it can hold a maximum of about 20 gel balls before you'll need to reload it.

It takes a bit of time to reload, so gaming with toy shotguns creates games with a different pace and a greater need for tactical planning on your part.

How accurate are shotgun gel blasters?

Gel blaster shotguns are designed for power over accuracy. For close-quarters gaming, you'd struggle to do better than a toy shotgun, but they're not the most accurate blaster.

To compensate, Tactical Edge offers a range of premium shotgun gel blasters that can shoot multiple gel balls at a time. That way, you have more chances of getting your target - to devastating effect!

How does it work? These gel blaster shotguns are powered by carbon dioxide cartridges and shoot one shell per fire. The beauty of shells is that you can use them to shoot a group of projectiles at once, imitating how a real shotgun behaves.

It's up to you whether you want to load each gel blaster shotgun shell with one or many gel balls. To use the shells, simply load them up with a handful of gel balls, via the loading hole at the tip of the shell.

How far does a shotgun gel blaster shoot?

You want to use your gel blaster shotgun for close-quarters tactical gaming. It'll pack a punch over short distances, but the effect drops off pretty quickly over medium or long distances.

The effective range of a toy shotgun is about 8-10 metres, when shooting with the standard ammo size of 7-8 mm gel balls. In the middle of gameplay, try to get within this range so that you can get the most reliable shot out of your gel blaster shotgun.

Having said that, the shotgun gel blaster can shoot further, up to a maximum range of up to 20-25 metres.

How fast does a gel blaster shotgun fire?

The gel blaster shotgun fires with a performance of 270-290 FPS; if you need a single number, take 280 FPS as the average.

That's assuming you're shooting the standard ammo size of 7-8 mm gel balls as recommended, from a gel blaster shotgun shell powered by carbon dioxide.

If you're after a premium gel blaster shotgun in Australia, check out the online range at Tactical Edge.