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Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the P90 gel blaster is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to gel blasters.

For something simply designed and built to perform, shop P90 gel guns at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

Gel Blaster SMG - FAQs

How fast can it fire?

When loaded with the correct type of gel ball ammunition, SMG gel blasters can fire at around 260-300 feet per second.

SMGs are usually spring and piston-powered, with a mechanism running on a rechargeable battery, although some models are CO2-powered without a battery.

What does an SMG gel blaster slide catch do?

A slide catch shows you when the SMG gel blaster is fully out of ammo and needs to be reloaded.

As well as a visual cue, it also makes the action of reloading faster, as you can easily thumb it to pull back the slide for reloading.

What is an SMG?

When buying the next gel blaster for your collection, the first decision to make is whether you want a pistol, rifle, submachine gun or machine gun model.

While it's fine to settle for the more basic pistol and rifle models, things start to get exciting with the submachine gun range. SMGs have the versatility of a pistol, with added automatic delivery from the magazine.

While most gel blaster SMGs are battery-operated, there are also Green Gas and CO2 SMGs, which use gas-powered mags. If you're out to get the best gel blaster SMG, browse the range at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

How accurate are SMG gel blasters?

With a longer reach than some other gel blaster models, SMG gel blasters can fire with accuracy at a range of up to 25 m.

Combined with a speed that clocks in at over a dozen rounds per second, SMG gel blasters keep things fun while delivering some serious game.

If you're looking to upgrade from some more entry-level models of gel blaster, browse our collection of the best gel blaster SMGs at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

How many rounds can I fit in the magazine?

Though it's automated, as a machine pistol, the gel blaster SMG doesn't hold as many rounds as a gel blaster modelled on a machine gun.

Our submachine gun range is designed for quick firing and quick reload, for smooth and effective use during gameplay.

What SMGs do you have in metal?

Rather than being fully in metal, SMGs are made with a nylon exterior body and metal for the internal parts, such as the gearbox.

Tactical Edge Hobbies stocks nylon SMGs because they are more lightweight than full metal gel blasters. Because SMGs are designed for quick, tactical games, they are more useful if they are rapidly manoeuvrable and not weighing down on you.

To this end, our submachine gun range is designed to be functional and lightweight with a nylon body. Nylon is a tough material that won't let you down in terms of build quality and ruggedness.

Do you have any CO2 SMGs?

Tactical Edge Hobbies stocks electric SMGs, which are powered by a battery rather than with a CO2 canister.

Our electric SMGs use a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts for longer during gameplay. If you're into games that last for several hours or the better part of a day, electric is the way to go.

Electric SMGs are far easier to top up - all you have to do is plug it in to charge, as opposed to dealing with gas canisters. They also come in at a more affordable pricetag than CO2 SMGs.