Gen 2 BDU Tactical Fatigues - Nomad

Gen 2 BDU Tactical Fatiges - Nomad
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Here at Tac Edge we now have all the tactical basics covered, now featuring our Gen 2 BDU  tactical fatigues in Nomad. 

The Nomad option is perfect for the more dusty desert type environment. Easy to hide behind hills, rocks, and buildings and do the sneak gel ball attack on your foes or just wait for them to go past without being noticed.  

SMALLER SIZING - Please read the sizing chart before purchase. Give 2-3 cm either side of the original size.



    • Body section is fitted poly/cotton/spandex
    • Dual fabric construction
    • Large storage pockets at each shoulder
    • Mesh panels for breathability
    • 1/4 zip front
    • Collar can be worn up or down
    • Sleeves are poly/cotton ripstop
    • Reinforced articulated elbows
    • Saddle-shoulder design for free movement
    • Flat lock seams throughout increase comfort


      • Raw material: Made of cotton & polyester, the combat uniform has excellent wrinkle resistance and ensures a comfortable touch.
      • The size of the legs & crotch is fine-tuned so that it does not restrain the legs during exercise, and is more in line with sports standards to meet various outdoor requirements.
      • .Multi-pocket design, can be placed in many small items, can be used for everyday wear, can also be used for all kinds of outdoor sports or training, with good general performance.

      SMALLER SIZING - Please read the sizing chart before purchase. Give 2-3 cm either side of the original size.

      In the Box

      • 1 x Gen 2 BDU Tactical Pants - Nomad
      • 1 x Gen 2 BDU Tactical Top - Nomad

      When you purchase from Tactical Edge Hobbies, you can be sure that you are purchasing a high quality, reliable product with a 30 day warranty and a dedicated team of technicians to assist you with what you need.

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