T-Eagle SR3-9X40 AOIR Compact Rifle Scope

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T-Eagle SR 3-9X40 IR Compact Riflescope (Mounting Not Included)

Over the last few years, rifle users have begun investing in rifle scopes in order to have a better experience. Scopes on top of your blaster provide you with a bunch of benefits, some of which include the pleasure of getting better visibility, high-quality scoreboards, psychological and personal contentment, and the ability to fire shots from a good distance. 

T-Eagle is the recognized worldwide leader and innovator of optical sight technology. For over 10 years, we have been working closely with experienced hunters and marksmen as well as professional users around the world. During all these years, we have seen that the T-Eagle rifle scopes have revolutionized long-range to short-range moving target shooting techniques and have become the number one choice for reliability, durability, and performance. On our site, we believe that you could find the best products for your needs.

** Fit 20/11mm Mounts - These are not included and will need to be purchased seperately. 


  • Brand: T-Eagle
    Model: 3-9X40 HK
    Eyepiece Diameter: 34mm
    Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm
    Field of view (FOV): 13.3°~4°
    Windage Adjustment Range: >土50MOA
    Elevation Adjustment Range: >士50MOA
    Parallax Setting: 100YDS
    Shockproof: 800g@1000 cycles
    Magnification Value (Variable): 3-9X
    Pipe diameter: 25. 4mm
    Click value: 1/4MTL
    Clicking the value adjustment method: Cap
    Length: 320mm
    Weight: 360g
    Battery Type: CR2032 (Not Included)

** Fit 20/11mm Mounts - These are not included and will need to be purchased seperately. 


In the Box

  • 1x T-EAGLE SR3-9X40 AOIR Compact Rifle Scope
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth

** Fit 20/11mm Mounts - These are not included and will need to be purchased seperately. 

*This is a functioning replica*

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