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Are Gel Blasters Legal In Victoria?

Are Gel Blasters Legal In Victoria?

This question gets asked of us alot - 

Are gel blasters legal in Victoria?

The answer is not a simple yes or no. You can own and possess a gel blaster in Victoria with no issues if you have a collectors permit. These are usually obtained by joining a re-enactment club or approved participating clubs that deal with Replica weapons. 

There have also been multiple cases in Victoria where the Magistrate has handed down a decision that a gel blaster is not a firearm or prohibited weapon.

Our advice is to go through the process, join a club and get your permit. That way you can blast away without the worry of breaking the laws.

You should always talk to your local law enforcement branch and let them know your plans. There would most likely be restrictions on activities regarding gel blasters in Victoria.

This article is not legal advice and is not intended as such.

We strongly urge all customers to make sure they are following the rules by contacting local law enforcement or seeking legal advice before purchasing.

In QLD Gel blasters are considered replica firearms and QLD residents have light regulations regarding gel blasters. 

It is however an offence to go in public in QLD with a Gel Blaster as this might cause Alarm. We would assume the same would apply in all states of Australia.

Stop & Think


Please do yourself a favour, do your due diligence before purchasing and make sure all laws are followed and please be safe.   




Peter Clark


  • I would like to join the club and support gel blaster only the right ones not the wrong ones you know doing wrong with them it makes things harder for the good guys with my one I will not do anything wrong with it so I do I join the club I’m from Victoria

    Shannon on

  • Where can I join a club to get a permit to own a gel blaster

    JOseph PEhi on

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