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Gel Blasters vs. Paintball - Which is Safer?

Have you ever wondered about the big difference between gel blaster vs paintball? These 2 super fun games have high popularity in Australia! Enthusiasts get their tactical gear and cool protective stuff to jump into the action. 

The questions are a lot: "Do gel blasters hurt?" "do gel blasters hurt more than paintball?" "What are the main differences between gel blaster vs paintball?"

Gel Soft Battle and Paintball are about teamwork, strategy, and having a blast. But when it comes to the stuff you shoot, that is where things get interesting.

Gel Blaster vs Paintball: Which One to Choose?

While both share the same excitement, each brings its cool experience. Think about the type of experience you seek. Do you enjoy the softer, more tactical gameplay of the Gel ball game, or are you after the vivid, high-impact experience of Paintball?

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Let's break it down in simple terms. 

Gel Blaster:

Gel Blaster uses these tiny, squishy balls, like mini water balloons. They are softer than paintballs, so they do not hurt as much when they hit you. Besides, you can find many different options, whether you are into sneaky sniping or rapid-fire action.

Do gel blasters hurt?

As a popular and kid-friendly alternative to paintball guns, it has gained a reputation for being relatively safe while providing an exciting experience. The primary concern for many potential users is whether getting hit by gel balls hurts and how much gel blasters hurt. Generally, it is described as a quick, sharp sensation that fades almost immediately. The initial contact might cause minimal pain and a brief surprise usually followed by laughter and continued play. Proper safety gear, such as eye protection, should always be used to prevent any potential discomfort or injury, especially to sensitive areas like the eyes. It ensures the game remains enjoyable for participants of all ages, including children, without the fear of sustaining bruises or injuries.

What safety gear is recommended for playing?

The recommended safety gear includes protective face masks to protect the eyes and face from direct hits, which can be more sensitive to impacts. In addition to face masks, gloves are also advised to protect the hands from the stinging sensation with close-range hits. Hands are often exposed and can be hit frequently, so gloves help maintain comfort and safety during play.

Long sleeves and long pants are also recommended to provide a protective barrier for the skin. While it typically does not cause major pain, having an extra layer of clothing can help avoid some of the impact, making the game more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why Choose it?

Besides being a safe and exciting alternative to traditional paintball, it provides a fun, experience suitable for all ages, making them perfect for family-friendly activities. It is easy to use and requires minimal safety gear.


  •  Water beads are soft and water-filled, reducing the risk of injury compared to paintballs.
  • Hits from them cause only a slight sting, making the game suitable for younger players.
  • The game is safe and fun for all ages, encouraging family participation.
  • It ensures easy cleanup and requires minimal mess behind.


  • Gel pellets can become less effective in rainy or overly humid conditions.
  • The lower power might not satisfy players looking for a more competitive shooting experience.
  • Some locations have specific laws or regulations which can limit their use.


Paintballs, on the other hand, are all about colourful splats! Instead of gas gel blaster pistols, players use larger, paint-filled pellets that burst upon impact, leaving a vivid mark on targets and opponents. While paintballs sting a bit more upon contact, they offer a visual touch that adds to the excitement of the game.

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Do paintballs hurt?
Despite being filled with a non-toxic, water-soluble gel that doesn't stain clothing, paintballs can cause pain upon impact, especially if players are not dressed properly. The sensation of being hit by a paintball is often likened to a quick, sharp sting that can be frightening but is generally bearable.

Paintball safety should be considered with the proper gear, as if not worn, the impact of it can lead to more severe discomfort. Besides, new or less experienced players must ensure they are protected and communicate with others about maintaining a fair and safe playing environment.

What safety gear is recommended for playing with paintballs?

One of the most crucial gear you need is a paintball mask or goggles. This protective equipment is essential for protecting your eyes and face from paintball impacts, which can be particularly painful and potentially dangerous if they hit unprotected areas.

The masks will provide full coverage, including the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They are made with durable, impact-resistant materials and feature anti-fog lenses to maintain clear visibility during the game.

In addition to a mask, you should wear a paintball-specific vest or chest protector. Here you should also wear long sleeves, long pants, and gloves to cover exposed skin and minimise the impact of paintballs. 

Why choose paintball?

Paintball comparably offers a more tactile experience. It combines physical activity with strategic gameplay to build teamwork and communication skills in a fun, dynamic environment. It is accessible to players of all skill levels, making it an engaging activity for friends, family, and colleagues.


  • Paintball provides a realistic experience adding to the excitement and adrenaline rush.
  • Paintball guns are more accurate, allowing for more strategic gameplay and challenging experiences.
  • It encourages teamwork and communication skills as players work together to achieve objectives.


  • When not properly protected, they can cause more pain and sometimes cause bruises, welts, or minor wounds.
  • Paintball requires more extensive protective gear.
  • It leaves behind paint on clothing, gear, and playing surfaces, requiring a more thorough cleanup.


Whether you're gearing up for a gel soft battle or a paintball game, having the right equipment is critical for the best performance and safety. Statistics show that in paintball, eye injuries reach up to 85% of reported accidents. Gel soft battle, with their smoother, water-based projectiles, also has a risk of eye injuries, making eye protection equally essential. Proper protective gear like masks, gloves, and padded clothing can reduce the risk of injuries and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Wearing long sleeves, pants, and additional padding can reduce other impacts and ensure a safer, more enjoyable, and cost-effective experience in tactical games. Choose Tactical Edge and get any gear you need for your next adventure!

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