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Navigating the New Gel Blaster Laws in QLD

Gel blasters have gained immense popularity in Australia over the past 7 years, offering enthusiasts an exciting alternative to paintball or laser tag.
However recent changes in Queensland's laws regarding it have raised concerns within the community, particularly among retailers of gel blasters and also knives. While these new regulations may not be a game-changer for most retailers, they undoubtedly present significant challenges for the industry.

In this article, I will dive into the intricacies of Queensland's updated gel blaster laws, their impact on retailers, and what this means for Gel Blasters in Australia.

Understanding Gel Blasters before we delve into the recent changes in Queensland's legislation, we will need to clarify what they are.

- Gel blasters are replica firearms that fire soft, water-filled gel pellets or orbeez. These pellets, often called gel balls are non-lethal and typically made of biodegradable materials, generally a super absorbent polymer.

They have become popular among people of all ages
and backgrounds, offering a fun and safe way to engage in simulated combat scenarios or just enjoy recreational target shooting. The industry for these fun products has been operating in QLD for the last 7 years with minimal incidents.

Queensland's New Laws

The Queensland government is introducing new laws regarding it to address safety concerns and regulate their use. The main aspects of these laws include stricter age restrictions.

Below is a breakdown of these changes:

Age Restrictions

The minimum age to purchase a gel blaster in Queensland is going to be raised to 18 years, and individuals under 18 will not be able to purchase them in the absence of a parent or guardian. These regulations will also be applied to the sale of knives in QLD as well.

Impact on Retailers

While the new gel blaster laws aim to enhance safety, they potentially have created hurdles for retailers in Queensland. Here is how the changes affect the industry

Increased Compliance Costs

Retailers need to invest in employee training, security measures, and record-keeping systems to ensure they are in compliance with the new regulations. These expenses can add up and affect the profitability of their business.

Reduced Customer Base

Raising the minimum age to 18 limits the potential customer base, as the previous regulations allowed younger enthusiasts to participate. This could result in a decline in sales for retailers, especially those who catered to a younger demographic.

Impact on Smaller Businesses

Smaller gel blaster retailers may find it particularly challenging to adapt to the new laws, as they often operate on tighter budgets and any reduction in customer base can have an impact.

Gel Blasters Association of Australia: A Pivotal Player

Gel Blasters Association of Australia is a key player in the industry, providing a platform for enthusiasts, retailers, and manufacturers to come together. This community has been an integral part of the gel blaster scene, helping to shape the culture and promote responsible use of these recreational devices.

The new laws in Queensland have not gone unnoticed by Gel Blasters Association of Australia and the organization has been actively engaging with stakeholders, including retailers and law-makers, to address concerns and find a proper balance between safety and the continued enjoyment of gel blasters.

While the changes may not have a major impact on Gel Blaster retailers, any reduction is sales in the current economic environment can be tough for small business to absorb.
Gel Blasters Australia has been advocating for clear and consistent regulations that prioritize safety while also recognizing the importance of this growing hobby. Their efforts include:

Education: Gel Blaster Association of Australia aims to educate its members about any new laws, the importance of responsible use and how to makes sure that players are meeting regulatory obligations.

Gel Blaster Association Of Australia is also actively working with retailers to help them navigate the changing landscape and adapt to the new regulations. This includes providing resources and information on compliance.
Gel Blaster Association of Australia is engaged in discussions with law-makers to ensure that the new laws do not unduly burden retailers and enthusiasts. They seek a fair and reasonable approach to regulation.
The association is also involved in multiple court battles including a second Supreme court Appeal in Western Australia. (To Donate Please Click Here)


The new laws surrounding gel blasters in Queensland may not be a dramatic setback for retailers, but they present challenges for the industry. As the regulations become more established, it is crucial for retailers to adapt, invest in compliance, and ensure the safety of their customers.
Gel Blaster Association of Australia, as a leading voice in the gel blaster community, is playing a pivotal role in advocating for fair and practical regulations. They aim to strike a balance between safety and preserving the enjoyment of it for enthusiasts across the state and to hopefully spread gel blasters to all states of Australia.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that they remain a safe and enjoyable hobby for all, while also supporting the growth of the industry within the bounds of the law.


Peter Clark
CEO - Tactical Edge Hobbies


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