Beretta Gel Blasters - FAQs

How many rounds does a Beretta gel blaster hold?

With a SKD Beretta 92 magazine, the Beretta gel blaster can hold 30-35 gel balls at max capacity.

The Beretta gel blaster gives the option of running on semi- or fully automatic mode. If you choose to fire continuously on automatic, it's best to use the 14.8 V secondary battery, to make sure the Beretta gel blaster will keep delivering while you keep firing.

That means you have enough gel balls at the ready for a fair while of gameplay, but you'll have to pick your shots carefully to avoid reloading too often. The Beretta gel blaster is a toy gun designed for the more tactical side of tactical gameplay!

How much is a 9 mm Beretta?

Priced at a little over $100, the Beretta gel blaster is an affordable option among gel blasters.

Considering that it's powered by an electric battery and mag-fed, the Beretta M92 gel blaster is an incredibly convenient option to get some tactical gaming play in.

With a sturdy nylon body, both single and full auto fire modes, and both a 7.4 and 14.8 V battery, this is a toy gun well-suited for urban combat simulations and other close-quarters tactical play.

Whether you're looking for a first gel blaster as your way into the hobby gaming community or just want a convenient, lightweight option you can rely on, it doesn't get much better than the Beretta gel blaster.

How do I load a Beretta magazine?

The Beretta gel blaster is quick to get used to, especially if you've tried other gel blasters before. If you are upgrading from a gel blaster model based on the Glock, you'll find a lot of similarities in the SKD Beretta M92 gel blaster, upgraded or otherwise.

The Beretta gel blaster comes with two batteries - a 7.4 V battery, as well as a 14.8 V battery that doubles up as a flashlight. Both are charged with a USB cable, provided with your purchase of the Beretta.

Make sure you're using quality gel balls of the right size for the Beretta gel blaster. They can't be too old or incorrectly hydrated, and don't try to cram too many into the mag in one go.

Smooth delivery of gel balls from the Beretta's mag depends on using the proper, high-quality gel balls. Otherwise, it's possible to run into trouble with the mag jamming or the Beretta gel blaster being otherwise unable to fire.

If you do find the mag jamming, try to take the Beretta gel blaster apart and put it back together, as this could be an easy DIY fix to get the Beretta firing again. Put the Beretta back together in this order: cylinder; plunger; the main spring; spring guide; barrel spring; barrel T-piece; and lastly the slider switch plate.