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Desert Eagle Gel Ball Blaster

With a sturdy nylon body and metal pistol grips, the Desert Eagle gel ball blaster is designed to last for hours of gameplay. Its rapid rate of fire will keep you on your toes - and your mates even more so!

All in all, it's fun, easy to use and reliable when you need it. Plus when you add in its simulated blowback feature, it's also a terrific realistic experience. For the full Desert Eagle replica experience, this is the gel blaster to choose

Desert Eagle - FAQs

How to prepare ammo for the Desert Eagle gel blaster?

The Desert Eagle gel balls are tiny silica balls used as ammunition for your toy gun. They first have to be soaked in water, so they hydrate and swell before they're ready for use.

Soaking in water can expand the Desert Eagle gel balls up to several times more than their dehydrated size. Always follow the instructions on the gel ball packet when you are preparing them.

Usually, this means soaking in a bucket of water for at least 4 hours - so the easiest way is to leave them to soak overnight. Make sure the container is large enough to hold the fully expanded size of the gel balls.

You can only use fully hydrated gel balls with your Desert Eagle gel ball gun. Otherwise, the gel balls may be too small, meaning they can get stuck inside the magazine and jam your blaster.

How fast can the Desert Eagle gel blaster fire?

Don't be fooled by its small size - the Desert Eagle delivers a powerful performance and up to 8 rounds per second.

Combine that with a speed of 40 m per second, it's a killer choice that everyone wants to have in their gel blaster collection.

How far can the Desert Eagle fire accurately?

The Desert Eagle can shoot up to 20 m accurately. It can certainly fire further - but the accuracy will drop off as the distance increases.

The Desert Eagle CO2 pistol uses a gas-powered cylinder to fire the ammo. For any tactical games in tight quarters, this is the perfect toy to deliver devastating speed and accuracy when you need it.

Do you have the Desert Eagle in metal?

The Desert Eagle is designed to be fast to use in quick, tactical games in small quarters. Where speed and manoeuvrability are key, there's no better choice than the Desert Eagle CO2-powered gel blaster.

That means it's essential for the Desert Eagle to be lightweight. This gel blaster is made entirely out of nylon - the material that delivers top robustness and strength, while making no sacrifices in the way of weight.

You'll come to appreciate the design when you have to heft the Desert Eagle in one hand after hours of gameplay with your mates!

How to prepare Desert Eagle gel blaster ammo?

The gel balls need to be fully hydrated before they can be used in your Desert Eagle CO2 pistol.

Though instructions may vary - and you should always check on the packet - usually, the gel balls need to be soaked for a minimum of four hours. You can simply leave the gel balls in a bucket of water overnight, although make sure they will have enough space, as they will expand to many times their original size.

Once hydrated, you're ready to enjoy hours of gameplay with your Desert Eagle's CO2-powered mag delivery.