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Discover what makes the M4 gel blaster one of the most popular in our range.

It hits the ground running with top performance, which can be further added to with extra tactical gear. Get a M4A1 gel blaster of your own with Tactical Edge Hobbies.

M4 Gel Blasters - FAQs

How fast can the M4 fire?

The M4 gel blaster can shoot soft gel balls at a speed of about 260-330 feet per second.

How much does the M4 Carbine cost?

Depending on which M4 Carbine gel blaster you're after, you'll be a few hundred dollars out of pocket, from the $200 range up to $600.

In return, you'll receive a solid gel blaster that's built fully from metal, for a reliable and durable machine that'll deliver superior performance. Robust, and yet agile and responsive - find out for yourself why the M4 Carbine gel blaster is a favourite amongst players!

How to reload an M4A1?

The gel balls come in plastic packets, in a dehydrated form. They need to be rehydrated in a bucket of water, with about 4 hours to soak in the water.

To reload your M4A1 gel blasters, use the eject button at the side of the magazine to eject it. Once it's out, open the hatch on the back of the magazine.

Simply scoop up the gel balls by hand - but take care to shake out the excess water, as there is a motor in the magazine that could be damaged if it gets wet. Pour the gel balls into the magazine, until the compartment is full.

Pop the magazine back into the mag well of the M4 gel blaster, and give it a tap to make sure the contacts are properly in place.

Then prime the magazine by pulling back on the primer lever. The motor of the magazine will switch on, forcing the gel balls up into the receiver. At this point, pulling the trigger is enough to start shooting the gel balls.

If you pull on the primer lever and don't hear the rumbling noise of the magazine motor, this may be because the contacts aren't in place properly. Try giving it another tap, and if that still doesn't work, pop the magazine out and then back in, to see if it settles in place properly this time.

How to put away the M4A1 magazine?

Once you're done using your M4A1 gel blaster, you should empty the magazine of gel balls. If you don't, they can rapidly dehydrate, shrivel and then become stuck into the magazine.

Simply use the eject button to pop out the magazine, open the hatch and pour out the gel balls. Make sure to give the magazine a strong flick, to make certain that every gel ball has come out.

Any last remaining gel balls may be partially stuck in the motor of the magazine, which is the worst place for a gel ball to become dehydrated and stuck in - your motor will become jammed!

Finally, give a quick burst on the trigger, to double-check that the M4A1 gel blaster is clear and there are no gel balls left. Your M4A1 is ready to be stored and good to go for the next time you pull it out!

How long to charge an M4A1 gel blaster battery?

The standard Well M4 gel blaster comes with the 7.4-V battery, while the Well M4 gel blaster upgrades have an 11.1-V battery. In either case, it will take 1 to 2 hours to recharge, or perhaps a touch longer if your battery has been drained right down to the last drop.

You'll know when the battery is fully charged because there will be a green light displayed on the battery. It's best to keep an eye on the battery while charging, so that you can disconnect soon after it's fully charged.

Over-charging can drastically shorten the lifespan of the battery, and there's no point in ruining a battery and needing to buy a new one.

Each time you want to use your M4A1 gel blasters, the first step is to make sure your battery is fully charged.

To assemble the battery, insert it up into the vertical grip of the handguard of the M4A1. The battery plug will need to stick up into the hole at the top, to secure the battery in place inside.

Then plug the battery into the connector inside the M4A1, and lock the handguard in and tighten it. This locks the battery in place.

After each time you use your M4A1 gel blaster, make sure to disconnect the battery from the M4A1. To remove the battery, follow all these steps in the reverse way, and place the battery in to recharge.

By completely removing the battery, you protect it from any potential issues, making sure that it's ready for use the next time you need it.