LDT MP5 Gel Blaster

The LDT MP5 gel blaster gives the best performance you could dream of for a gel blaster.

Well-known for the quality of their gel blasters, you'll immediately recognise how well-made LDT's MP5 gel blaster is. Solid in your hands and with a quality build that will always deliver for you, you can turn to the MP5 gel blaster time and time again.

Want as close to the real thing as possible? This gel blaster has an incredible level of detailing - you have to see it to believe it! Intricately made with a metal gearbox and a realistic blowback, this gel blaster is small enough to be agile but long enough to deliver accuracy.

It doesn't get any better than this. If you're ready to grab one of your own, shop now at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

MP5 Gel Blaster Mag

The MP5 gel blaster mag is a high-quality construction to deliver 7-8 mm gel balls with a reliability you can depend on.

MP5 Gel Blaster Upgrades

With an MP5 gel blaster upgrade, you'll be able to take on your friends for games and hobby sports, as well as cosplay and outdoors.

MP5 SD6 Classic Army

The MP5 sd6 classic army series is one of the most popular types of gel blasters in the world, renown for their precision engineering and quality craftmanship.

MP5 Gel Blaster - FAQs

How much is an MP5?

You can get your hands on an LDT MP5 gel blaster for under $400. The price tag represents an incredible design and build quality, but made affordable so you and your mates can all pile in.

Solidly well-constructed, the MP5 gel blaster is built to last. With a robust nylon build and expertly engineered parts, it's one of the best gel blaster models available. It's also one of the most accurately reproduced to make the blaster look realistic, with a level of detailing that has to be seen to be believed.

If you want to invest in a reliable gel blaster that won't ever let you down, go all in for the LDT MP5 gel blaster. For an agile and accurate gel blaster you can rely on, shop now at Tactical Edge Hobbies.

Can you legally own an MP5?

Mostly yes, but it depends on which state or territory of Australia you live in.

If you live in sunny Queensland, then happy days - the LDT MP5 gel blaster is legal without permit.

In New South Wales, MP5 gel blasters are regarded as a restricted weapon, while Western Australia classifies them as a restricted device. In Victoria, MP5 gel blasters are legal for reenactment groups; otherwise, the debate continues as to their legality.

LDT MP5 gel blasters are legal with a license in South Australia, under the exact same clause as to how paintball is classified. There is currently no firm ruling on how MP5 gel blasters are classified in Northern Territory.

How accurate is the MP5?

The LDT MP5 gel blaster is one of the most accurate gel blasters in its price range.

With metals gears and incredibly realistic detailing, the MP5 gel blaster is one of the best gel blasters available. Its inner barrel is just shy of 20 cm long - small enough to be agile in games, but long enough to be accurate to a distance of 20 to 25 m.

If it's top accuracy you're after, the MP5 is the perfect choice for games and hobby sports.