P90 Gel Blasters - FAQs

How many feet per second does the P90 Shoot?

With a quality construction you can rely on, the P90 gel blaster can shoot gel balls at 80 m per second - that translates to 260 feet per second.

Paired with a shooting distance of 20 to 25 and a full auto-firing mode that delivers 16.5 rounds per second, the gel ball shooter P90 is the one you want to have on hand whenever you need it.

How many rounds can I fit in the P90 Magazine?

The P90 gel blaster comes with an impressive magazine capacity, at about 200 gel balls fitting into the mag.

Pair that with a battery-powered motor to keep the mag feeding into the blaster, and you've got yourselves a reliable toy that'll keep on shooting until the game is over.

The gel ball shooter P90 is a fantastic choice for anyone who doesn't want to lug around a massive blaster, but still wants something that can deliver volume and last till the end of the game.

Do you have a P90 in metal?

No, the P90 gel blaster is constructed with a full nylon body. For durable performance without being too heavy to carry for long periods of time, nylon is the best way to go.

The nylon is a durable and sturdy material, for a product you can use in outdoor and game situations without breaking.

At the same time, it's far more lightweight than a full metal equivalent would be. For games that carry on for hours on end, or if you are bringing the P90 gel guns to outdoor venues where you have to carry the gear in, it'll become a blessing to have chosen a nylon blaster!

What sizes does the P90 have?

When it comes to the P90 gel blaster's specs, agility is the name of the game.

The P90 gel gun has a height of 19 cm, a length of 50 cm and a width of 7 cm. Clocking in at less than 2 kg in weight, it's small enough to be easy to carry but has the heft to pack a punch when it needs to.

The P90 gel gun has an inner barrel size of 7.5 mm and a length of 30 cm. If you're out to get a neat, manoeuvrable blaster that can handle itself in tricky situations, get yourself kitted out with one of these.

How big is a P90?

At 50 × 19 × 7 cm in dimensions, the P90 gel blaster is a feat of clever engineering, balancing between a compact build and a premium solid feel.

Like the best gel blasters, the P90 gel gun has a full solid nylon body for a lightweight yet durable design. This includes nylon gears and gearbox, although the barrel is made of a metal alloy.

There is also a 7.4 V rechargeable battery, to make sure the magazine will keep the get balls coming as you need.

The SMG P90's weight distribution, plus the high-quality surface finish and full black colour scheme, also give it a premium look and feel.

How heavy is P90?

The SMG P90 gel blaster weighs less than 2 kg, making it one of the more lightweight options out there amongst toy guns.

The key advantage of this is how much easier it is to carry the P90 gel gun. Especially for games that can run the course of several hours or all day, you'll be grateful for how little the toy is weighing you down.

The lightweight yet durable build is achieved using a full nylon body. Rugged and solidly built, the P90 gel blaster is one of the best performers in its category.