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Go Full Metal

Even if its just a Toy, you can still let your imagination run wild!

With the weight and the heft to back it up, a full metal gel blaster will really come across as a rifle. This is the gel blaster you want to have on hand when it matters - whether that's a competition, game or a cosplay event.

Their heavier weight has the advantage that it's easier to steady and aim. With a more robust build and more opportunities to attach tactical accessories, you'll never run out of ideas for how to use gel blasters of metal.

The serious enthusiasts for gel blasters wouldn't be caught with a nylon model - for them, real metal is the only way to go.

Metal Gel Blaster - FAQs

How heavy is a metal gel blaster?

As you imagine, full metal gel blasters are a bit sturdier and heavier than other gel blaster options. Most metal gel blasters in Australia will fall within a range of 1 to 3 kilograms in weight.

With this kind of sturdy weight, you know you've got a toy that's designed to last the years while delivering quality performance along the way.

Are metal gel blasters legal?

Yes and no - it depends on which state or territory you're in. There are no federal regulations on the legality of metal toy guns in Australia, so it's up to each state government to decide.

Metal gel blasters are legal without a permit in Queensland, but more restricted in other states. Both New South Wales and Western Australia classify them as a restricted weapon or a restricted device. Gel blasters made from metal are currently unclassified in Victoria, although they are legal to use as part of re-enactment groups.

South Australia permits metal gel blasters with a license, under the same clause as paintball. Northern Territory has yet to release any guidelines on how they are classified in the territory.

Are there any benefits to using metal gel blasters?

If you're after the most realistic gel blasters you can get your hands on, then full metal gel blasters are for you. We even have 1:1 external replicas with functioning Gelsoft equipment, for the height of realism.

Not to mention, a gel blaster with a metal body is built to last. If you prefer to invest into a gel blaster that'll work as you expect it to, every time you need it, choose from our range of metal toy guns in Australia. Even with rough treatment, it's not going to break anytime soon.

However, keep in mind that you'll have to carry all that metal - and the extra weight can get tiring. If you prefer to protect against fatigue, browse the nylon models available on Tactical Edge Hobbies.

Does a metal gel blaster feel like the real thing?

Made of the most premium of materials, a full metal gel blaster will look and feel like the real deal. Tactile, durable and heavy - just like a gel blaster should be.

Not just the appearance, but the handling is better as well. The heavier weight makes metal gel blasters easier to handle, giving your aim a cutting-edge improvement.

Whether for cosplay events or games, a gel blaster with a metal body can bring a whole new level to the experience. If it's realism you're after, choose a full metal gel blaster to get the authentic experience.