Gel Blaster Pistol - FAQs

Do gel blaster pistols shoot as far as rifles?

As you can imagine, they don't. A gel blaster pistol is much smaller than a rifle, and they're designed for tactical gaming in close quarters rather than sniping.

While all gel blasters are toys and none are capable of long-term damage, they can hurt. Whether plastic, nylon or metal, a gel blaster pistol has the advantage that it hurts a lot less. If you or your friend gets hit, even by a heavy blaster pistol, it'll feel more like a hard pinch, whereas other gel blasters such as rifles can be a lot more painful.

What distance can a gel blaster pistol fire?

You're looking at a maximum distance of 15 m for a C02 gel blaster pistol in Australia.

Even the best gel blaster pistol will struggle to shoot as far as 20 m, compared to larger types of gel blasters such as rifles, which can fire up to 20 or even 25 m.

This firing range makes heavy blaster pistols the perfect choice for close-range tactical gaming. Not to mention, they tend to be much more affordable than other types of gel blasters. If you're looking for an entry point to the gel blasting community or the best toy gun for urban combat simulations, a gel blaster pistol is the way to go.

How do I assemble a gel blaster pistol?

New to C02 gel blaster pistols in Australia? It can be a bit of a steep learning curve to get started, but you'll be enjoying the delivery of gas-powered gel blaster pistols in no time.

To get started, for the C02 canister, the first step is to use an allen key to remove the plate from the butt of the toy gun. Load the gas canister pointing the right way, head-first, so it can be pierced correctly for gas delivery.

Next, load the magazine with the gel balls. You can pour them in as you like; usually, making a funnel with your hand is the easiest way to make sure you don't spill any gel balls. Try to keep the magazine level from side to side, to help the gel balls to fill up evenly inside the mag.

How to maintain a gel blaster pistol

Any C02 gel blaster pistol in Australia needs regular servicing - whether we're talking plastic, nylon or metal gel blaster pistols.

With so many moving parts that need to keep working smoothly together, a nylon or metal gel blaster pistol needs regular lubrication.

Keep a bottle of high-quality lubricant with your gel blaster pistol in storage. That way, any time you feel the slide rack, rails or any other part of the toy gun feels stiff, you can deal with it immediately.

If there is any sign that there is more gas escaping than you'd expect, then the gas valves at the back of the magazine or the O-rings of the valves may need repair.