Red Lightsaber

We have the perfect red lightsaber for you to show off your unlimited power and help you to conquer the galaxy!

Our battle sabers feature an Aluminium Hilt, a Polycarbonate Blade,  RGB 7-way Colour Change & Clash and Blaster Sounds. The sabers can also be used to duel for hours of fun with friends and ensure the Jedi remain a fallen order!

Not only can you get a lightsaber with a red blade, we also offer coloured options for your lightsaber hilt as well. If you’re a dark lord of the Sith, it’s likely you’re looking for a lightsaber that strikes fear into your opponents to give you an edge in combat.

At Tactical Edge we have the most exciting range of red lightsabers in Australia or even the galaxy. Check our stock availability online now!

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