Gel Blasters on the Gold Coast

If you're looking to buy the latest and best gel blaster on the Gold Coast, look no further than Tactical Edge Hobbies.
We have everything you could possibly want for a proper skirmish. From our selection of gel blasters to our range of tactical gear, browse our online stock or visit our gel blaster shop. You'll find everything you're looking for here.

Gel Blasters Gold Coast - FAQs

Where to buy gel blasters on the Gold Coast

What other gel blaster shop in the Gold Coast is there, but Tactical Edge Hobbies?

All our stock of gel blasters is available online. So you've got the choice - either come visit us in-store, or browse away to your heart's content online.

Looking to buy a gel blaster on the Gold Coast? Our team is happy to give you advice on any choices you may be faced with - whether you're tossing between the best entry-level gel blaster or want to add a special-purpose model to your existing range.

All the stock is held on-site at our various locations across the South-East of Queensland, so they're always readily available for quick dispatch when you make your order.

With our impressive online range of toy pistols, rifles and submachine guns, as well as all the tactical gear, clothing and accessories you could possibly need, Tactical Edge Hobbies is one of the best gel blaster stores. Shop online or visit us in-store.

Where to play gel blasters on the Gold Coast

There are so many gel blaster fields on the Gold Coast and further afield. As well as offering a specialist venue for you to practise your instincts and skills in tactical gaming, they also run events and competitions.

With so many venues running such a full calendar, you won't get bored with the gel blaster fields in the Gold Coast area.

Gelsoft Australia is the Gold Coast's best destination for gel blaster games. With a modular, large field, and our Yatala Megastore right next door, you can ensure a fantastic day out when you play at our Gelsoft Australia field!

Over closer to Brisbane, you can try GSA Yatala at Mount Tambo, Gelsoft Australia, Hardcore Blasters in Ipswich and Gel City in Sunnybank. In the city itself, Spec Ops Paintball in Spring Hill has a specialised indoor venue for gel blaster tactical games.

North of Brisbane, Guerilla Blasters at Loganholme has a superb venue with urban combat fields, while Donnybrook Gel Ballers offers wide fields that offer a completely new style of outdoor gaming.

Are gel blasters legal in the Gold Coast?

It's entirely legal to buy a gel blaster on the Gold Coast. You don't need a license to own or use a gel blaster. Queensland relies on the STOP and THINK campaign, which encourages safe and responsible use of gel blasters in the state.

Many other states have ruled that gel blasters are prohibited devices, meaning that they have restricted access. In those states, you can only legally have a gel blaster if you have taken the steps to hold the correct license.

However, in the state of Queensland, it is legal to own and use gel blasters without a license. We import our stock from the top foreign manufacturers from around the world, under the permit of the Queensland customs police.

If you're looking to buy a gel blaster on the Gold Coast, Tactical Edge Hobbies has all the toy guns and gear you'll need to keep the game going. Go ahead and browse the available range at our gel blaster stores on the Gold Coast.

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