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Gel Blasters Sunshine Coast - FAQs

Are gel blasters legal on the Sunshine Coast?

Gel blasters and air rifles for sale in Sunshine Coast are entirely legal - as well as anywhere else in Queensland.

In fact, Queensland is one of the few states in Australia that have specified that gel blasters are legal. In many other states, they are classified as restricted devices, meaning that an official license is needed for someone to be permitted to own or use a gel blaster.

All our gel blasters in Sunshine Coast are imported from foreign manufacturers, under the permit of the Queensland customs police. The stock is then held in our domestic warehouses in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area.

This means that your order will arrive safely and quickly - with no need to worry about any national or interstate customs issues.

In fact, we only need 1-3 business days to handle and process your order. From there, your Sunshine Coast gel blasters can be on their way to you in as little as 2 business days - or quicker if you choose the Express option for Australian Post shipping to the Sunshine Coast.

Are there gel blaster clubs on the Sunshine Coast?

There are many clubs for gel blaster skirmish on the Sunshine Coast. The most prominent example would be the Gel Blaster Owners Club Sunshine Coast, but there are plenty of clubs to choose from.

Take a trip down the road to Brisbane and there are even more options, such as the Australian Gel Blaster Club, which is the largest of its kind in all of the country.

Clubs for gel blaster skirmish in Sunshine Coast are well and thriving. As this gaming hobby takes off in popularity across the world, Queensland has become one of the best places to take part in tactical games in Australia.

Being part of a club means it's easier to find fellow hobbyists to take part in tactical games with, as well as organized events and competitions. Signing up to a Sunshine Coast gel blasters club can also unlock special members' benefits and keep you on top of the latest models or drops.

Where can I play gel blasters on the Sunshine Coast?

There are so many venues for gel blaster skirmish on the Sunshine Coast, it'd be difficult to take your pick from all the options.

Some venues closer to home include Urban Gelball, Xperiences HQ, Crossfire Gel Ball and Donnybrook Gel Ballers Queensland.

If you want to venture a bit further afield, examples across the South-East of Queensland include Spec Ops Paintball in the city, Guerilla Blasters at Loganholme, Hardcore Blasters Indoor Gel Ball Games in Ipswich, GSA Yatala in Mount Tambo, and Nuketown on the Gold Coast.

Where can I play gel blaster wars on the Sunshine Coast?

Different venues will have different set-ups to allow for different types of gaming.

For example, you can try your hand at urban combat play at Spec Ops Paintball and Guerilla Blasters. Meanwhile, Donnybrook Gel Ballers Queensland offers more open fields while Nuketown has a forest set-up for outdoor tactile gaming.

Visit any one of these venues and you can get started right away with playing in gel blaster skirmishes on the Sunshine Coast. You can also join a club to be part of the Sunshine Coast gel blasters community and take part in events and competitions.

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