Gel Blasters Townsville

Take outdoor gaming to a whole new level with gel blasters in Townsville.
Gel blasters are the toys to supercharge your hobby gameplay. With the rapid rise in their popularity in New Zealand, Britain, the United States, and every part of Australia, gel blasters in Townsville are all the rage here too.
Experience the thrill of combat sports in a safe yet realistic way. Gel blasters are also environmentally friendly, as they use a water ball pellet that will eventually dissolve.
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Gel Blasters Townsville - FAQs

Where is the best place to use a gel blaster in Townsville?

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor arenas for gel blasting. You can use your gel ball blaster at many designated clubs and ranges.

Although it's legal to use gel blasters at any age, individual field operators and associations may have set age restrictions for people to use their services.

Do gel blasters hurt?

Gel blasters will cause a mild pain, but not more than a sting. For a direct comparison, being hit by a one-shot gel blaster hurts much less than being hit by a paintball.

If someone is hit by a gel ball at close range, the shot may cause a stinging sensation and leave behind a red mark, which will fade within a few minutes or hours. Gel balls don't leave bruises, so there'll be no long-term marks to carry around with you.

If hit from a further distance, with the range of tactical gel blasters, the impact is slight and not usually noticeable.

Are gel blasters legal in Townsville?

Gel blasters are legal to use without a permit in the state of Queensland.

According to Queensland firearms law, a device is only considered a firearm if it can cause injury and death. As gel blasters can't, it's designated as a toy, and it's legal to use in Queensland.

Keep in mind that many gel blasters are designed to be accurate replicas of real firearms, so at first sight, your average police officer on the street may see it as an illegal firearm.

However, while gel blasters are legal to use by Queensland firearms law, importing them into the country is a different story, as that's regulated by customs regulations.

Customs regulations prohibit the import of any device that discharges a projectile, which includes gel blasters. If you’re wondering where to buy gel blasters in Townsville, choose Tactical Edge Hobbies. This will mean your purchase won't be held up by any interstate or international import rules.

How long will it take for my blaster to arrive?

We ship gel blasters to Townsville, and across Queensland and Australia. As we ship from our warehouse in the Brisbane area, for shipping to Townsville, you don't have to worry about interstate shipping regulations for gel blasters.

Tactical Edge Hobbies offers free standard shipping on all orders over $50.

We will need 1-3 business days for the handling and processing of your order. We reserve the right to extend the processing time as need be. For example, during peak season and sales, we may ask for some additional time to properly process the extra volume of orders.

You will receive your tracking information 24-48 hours of your parcel being processed through our system.

Standard shipping within Queensland will take 2-6 days. If you choose the option for express shipping, please check the shipping information on the Australia Post website to see how long it will take for your gel blasters.

DISCLAIMER: The contents above do not constitute legal advice, are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.