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King Arms M1A1 Paratrooper Gel Blaster GBBR Rifle

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King Arms M1A1 Paratrooper Gel Blaster GBBR Rifle


The King Arms M1A1 Paratrooper replica is a beautiful reproduction of this classic firearm. Made with real wood and aluminium alloy, the rifle looks and feels authentic. Adding to the realism is a Co2 powered gas recoil system which helps to imitate the bolt cycling action.

Developed out of a need to arm specialized infantry (mortar crews, paratroopers, machine gun crews, tank crews, engineers etc) the M1 Carbine came into service around mid-1942 and was issued up to and including the Vietnam war. Its design was to solve an issue where a standard full size rifle proved to be too heavy and unwieldy for specialized infantry to adequately perform their assigned duty while still lugging around a heavy backup weapon. The M1 Carbine with is .30 cartridge helps to bridge the gap between a full size rifle round and pistol round.



  • Gas Blowback Technology: Enjoy the realistic kickback sensation with each shot, immersing yourself in an authentic shooting experience.
  • Full-Metal Construction: Built with durable materials, the Kings Arms M1A1 GBBR Carbine guarantees longevity and a robust performance on the field.
  • Real Wood Stock: The genuine wood stock completes the classic look of this gel blaster rifle, making it a standout piece in any collection.
  • Detachable Magazine: Easily reload with the detachable magazine, ensuring you can stay in the action without pause.
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic & Safe
  • Heavy duty aluminium alloy barrel and trigger assembly
  • Side folding wire stock with folding metal buttstock.
  • Realistic blowback action to simulate the bolt cycling action & recoil
  • Powered via 1 x 12 gram Co2 bulb (housed in the magazine)*
  • Built-in front & rear sling attachment points
  • Fixed front and adjustable rear sights
  • Wing protected front post sight
  • CNC One piece outer barrel


Recommended Gel Type: Gelsoft Ultras Fire Modes:  Semi-Automatic, Safe
Inner Barrel Size: TBC Velocity: 330 -/+
Weight: 2480g Magazine Capacity: 15x Gel Rounds
Blaster Length:  635mm/920mm Magazine Type: King Arms M1 Carbine 
Power Source: Co2 12gram Materials: Metal & Real Wood

In the Box

1x King Arms M1a1 Paratrooper Gel Blaster GBBR Rifle 1x  King Arms M1Magazine


Always use the appropriate eyewear and take all reasonable safety precautions when using our products.

Soaking & Storage of Gels

When soaking the gels, they must be soaked fully submerged in warm water from the tap for a minimum of 4-6 hours.

Once fully grown, you can leave them in the water and keep them in or out of the refrigerator.

When you are ready to use them, drain off any excess water with a strainer before you feed them into the mag but do not dry them as they need to be lubricated to work properly.



Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster, as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to pulling any blaster apart, opening it up, changing springs, or upgrading the battery from 7.4v to 11v.

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