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Want to battle it out as a Jedi or a Sith? We have you covered with our new line of light sabers!

The light saber features an Aluminium Hilt, a Polycarbonate Blade,  RGB 7-way Colour Change & Clash and Blaster Sounds. The sabers can be used to duel with as well for the ultimate fun with mates!


  • The battle saber supports duelling.
  • 7-Way Colour Modes (Red, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Pink/Purple, Cold White)
  • Has flash on clash and blaster mode.
  • Ultra loud sound and high light.
  • The blade can be removed.

Not waterproof.
Please charge the sasaber at least one time each month.
Please do not open or take down the hilt of battle sabre.

About Charging
Connect the DC end of the charging line to the battle saber charge hole, and the USB end are connected to the charging seat of the output parameter 5V1A of the equipment (adapter, PC, cell phone charger, etc.) with a USB port. When charging, the button aperture "breathe" starts to recharge, and the battery is filled with light. The charging time is usually 2-3 hours. The charging seats are different and charging time is different.

1.This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.
2.The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated.
3.The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed.  
4. Please do not charge the product with more than 5v-1A power supply.
Do not put battle sabres in water, charge them at least once a month.


When you purchase products from Tactical Edge Hobbies, you can be sure that you are purchasing a high quality, reliable product with a 30 day warranty and a dedicated team of technicians to assist you with what you need.


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