Lonex Motor A3 (480 Short)


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  • Description

    Lonex Motor A3 High Speed Revolution Motor

    Up to 40k RPM with no load. 

    This motor is not recommended to be used on M110 springs or lower, as this could cause damage to gearbox internals. 

    This is a 480 Short Shaft motor.

    The Shaft on this motor is an O-Shape shaft, only suitable to fit with O-Shape Pinion Gears.

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  • Lonex

    Lonex is a well known manufacturer across the world. For quite some time, Lonex Products have proven to perform exceptionally well under the most extreme conditions. Lonex motors use high resistance enamelled wire, up to 200°C, to build the core of the motor. This helps the motor to maintain the temperature at an efficient level, even under full power, also it greatly increases the durability of the motor while decreasing battery consumption.

    A set of ball bearings are installed at both ends of the motor, not only improves the rotations but also further improves energy consumption. The front end of the motor has an aluminum cage to improve rotations as well as a high durability nylon cover at the rear end to withstand the high temperatures and extreme wear of the motor. lastly, the motor pinion gear uses high density steel that can endure the extreme rotation and pressure under high torque or high speed set up.