Shims Kit

SKU: 714735009893


x1 Set of Shims 
x5 - 0.1mm 
x5 - 0.2mm
x5 - 0.3mm
x5 - 0.5mm

Shimming is the practice of using small spacers (shims) to precisely align the gears in your gearbox so that they operate smoothly. A poorly shimmed gearbox often results in a loud whining noise while firing, premature parts wear, stress on the motor, a reduced rate of fire, and poor battery life.

The goal is to space the gears in such a way that maximises contact between the teeth on each gear while minimising the amount of space that the gears have to move side-to-side within the gearbox. It is also extremely important that the gears are not shimmed excessively, which would cause them to bind up with one another or the gearbox itself.

Proper shimming is essential for any gearbox, and can make a huge difference in performance. Even gearboxes with the best quality parts will feel cheap and sluggish if they are not shimmed well. 

It is an essential part of having a well run gearbox!

This product is suited for Toy Gel Blasters

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