Moose Review - WE Tech Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol Review

Moose Review - WE Tech Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol Review

What’s going on all you Gelsofters?

The Moose coming at you with another review, and this time around we are looking at the brand new WE-TECH Hi-Capas, including the new Salient Arms models which are exclusive to Tactical Edge Hobbies.

These pistols have been highly sought after and we are proud to bring them to you.

Baby Hi-Capa

Starting out with the “Baby Hi-Capa” the Deinonychus is a 3.8” Hi-capa, perfect if you are looking for something sleek and compact it sports a wide lipped flared mag well which is perfect for smaller hands. Due to the smaller stature of this blaster it is pumping out a respectable 240 - 260 FPS but don’t let those numbers fool you it sounds and feels fantastic the cut outs on the top slide really give it a look that you are sure to fall in love with.

 Allosaurus GBB Pistol

The big brother to the Deinonychus is the 4.3” "Allosaurus" this blaster is for someone whos looking for something a bit larger but likes the overall look and style of its smaller little sibling its iconic two stage safety and monofilament sights make it a stylish attractive blaster which is punching in around the 260 - 270 FPS mark due to the slightly longer inner barrel.

 Original Hi-Capa

Next up the 4.3” Original M1911, emulating that classic M1911 look this blaster is sure to be a standout on the battlefield. Its simple and yet elegant in its design preferring a more modest approach as opposed to all the glitz and glamour. Its sleek its reliable, its everything you want out of a sidearm. This beauty is also coming in around the 260 - 280 FPS mark and will be the perfect addition to your arsenal.

Skeletor GBB Pistol

Moving on we have the Skeletor, Moose, whys it called the Skeletor you ask well that will be because of it’s cut out design on both its slide and handle. This M1911 sports a 5.1” barrel. It has a a thicker handle to accommodate the the larger Hi-Capa magazine but still maintains a very comfortable feel in the hand. The ionic two stage safety is ambidextrous so you lefties out there are going to have an easier time operating this pistol, but remember the mag release will still be on your right side so be careful with your grip.

 Black Dragon GBB Pistol

You’re not going to want to skip out on the Black Dragon, what really sets this particular blaster apart from the rest is its split slide. The split side reduces the weight of the slide on blow back making it cycle much quicker to put maximum amounts of gels down range while maintaining very good accuracy. The Black Dragon also features the two-stage safety, but with a twist. The left side of the upper lever is also split into two separate sections with the left side activating the safety and the right side activating your fire select.

That’s right this baby has full auto. The split slide granting that higher cyclic rate will be perfect for SpeedQB players and Milsim players alike. This blaster is definitely unique and perfect to allow you to express your own individual style on the field while also providing maximum performance as this blaster is outputting a blistering 280 - 300FPS.

 T-Rex Black GBB PistolT-Rex Gold GBB PistolT-Rex Silver GBB Pistol


The T-Rex series are mint, I love how long these blasters look, the long square barrel reminds me of Robocop’s Auto 9 Beretta with its length and bulkiness. Even with the length it still feels balanced, weighted nicely and its extremely comfortable in your grip. The T-Rex comes in three different variants, the black sliver, the black gold and the silver and black.

The black and gold T-Rex really stands out and pops with the bright gold against that matte black slide and what I really like silver and black Rex is the Sanskrit-esque writing on both sides of the slide, it’s the small little details in these blasters that really make them desirable as they allow you to put your personality onto the field. The Rex series also feature a cut out slide with ported vent holes in the top which is built into the outer barrel and the slide moves around it, giving it a very cool, unique aesthetic.

The Rex series preform brilliantly at a potent 280 - 300FPS ensuring that you have got enough firepower to suppress the competition and the full auto fire select makes sure that you your fire rate is top notch.

 Salient Arms Gold GBB PistolSalient Arms Silver

Finally, exclusive to Tactical Edge Hobbies is the EMG Salient Arms. The first thing you will notice when picking up this blaster is its weight. Its solid, without being burdensome and has a rugged durability seldom seen in Gelsoft. When reloading the magazine into the Magwell there is a satisfying click as it pops into place. The EMG Salient arms comes in three variants, the 5.1" comes in both in a black with gold inner barrel and silver with a gold inner barrel and the 4.3" comes in silver with a gold inner barrel.

The fine details on these blasters such as the custom stippled grip, the laser etched markings on the slide, the squared off skeletonized trigger all give this blaster such a powerful look. Everything from the added Magazine lip to the two-stage safety every part of this blaster just screams high quality and high performance.  Both the 5.1" and 4.3" models are firing at an amazing 280 - 300FPS. Movie aficionados will also love this blaster as its models after the John Wick movie franchise which allows it to transcend just the Gelsoft community as its perfect for memorabilia collectors as well.

These blasters are extremely limited so if you have your eye on these make sure you act fast.

Now of course these blasters would not be complete without extra magazines, and we have those as well both the WE Hi-Capa mags and the EMG Mags as well although the EMG mags are in limited supply so be quick. Pair these intimidating blasters with an Amomax holster as well the universal and Hi-Capa ones being the best fits. Don’t forget your Green gas and your Ultra elites to make sure that your new purchase is operating to maximum efficiency, check out all those items in the box below.

And there you have it, the WE Hi-Capa range and EMG Salient Arms honestly you can’t go wrong with any of these blasters, the quality and performance are unmatched, and we are proud to be bringing these to you.

Thanks for reading, until next time

Moose oot.


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