Shipment Arrives... Finally

Shipment Arrives... Finally

Shipment Arrives... Finally

So after a year of batteling and scrimping and stressing about being able to get this business off the ground... we finally got our shipment through.

First Border force fought with us, then the QLD police fought with us and each time we hussled and spent money where we needed to and got the Job done.

There have been other retailers claiming that they have been attending court and fighting the good fight but I can tell you right now, Tactical edge is the only retailer... the ONLY retailer, that has been to court against border force and seperately negotiated with the State police in regard to B709a applications.

All other retailers have just sat back and watched and benefitted from our hard work, the money we have spent and time we have put into getting this thing off the ground.

At the end of the day we made it to this point and we have dropped our prices and hopefully you guys like our range.

We believe we have the best customer service in the game, the best product catelogue and we are really active in our local gel ball community.

We really appreciate all the support the public has offered over the last year and the support we have recieved at our Nuketown game venue. 

This post is really a bit emotional to be honest as the ride has been massively difficult and a long drawn out process.

The only thing that has never changed is that we refused to let the government take the business and our toys away from us. We just flat out refused to let them win.

Either way, we have made it to Phase 2 and there are some exciting new products arriving in our online store over the next few months.

We are going to try to extend our range further and start to supply a lot of accessories over the next few months. So pretty exciting times ahead.

I will also try to keep up with my weekly blog posts, you tube video's and also Facebook.

If you guys want to know any further information please shoot us a message on facebook or through the contact page.

We really appreciate all of our supporters, followers and Subscribers and we couldn't have done it without you, thank you all.


Tactical Edge


  • Know the good fight and thanks for bringing the sport to us, sorry to hear about the hassles with both border and police forces. About time we the people had a few wins against the draconian laws in this country. Also loved the visit to Air soft in America and the hope to get that here as well someday.

    Craig Hocking on

  • Thank you, for fighting for us. You have a loyal customer for life.

    Grateful on

  • I got my SCAR blaster from these guys before they ran out and I’ve had an absolute ball playing with it. The service was easy, I got the delivery within 7 days and the quality of what I got was pretty good. I’d recommend these guys and I take my hat off to these guys for fightng the good fight with the Feds. One day they get their shit together and realize these types of sports are massive overseas. AWESOME TOYS GUYS……

    Tony on

  • Checkout backyard blasters if you are in tassie, I got a glock gel blaster and ak nerf delivered with out any problems, and they zippy :o

    Helper lol on

  • Hi guys…everything says sold out on Ur page…any idea when product will be available again…really keen to get some of these toys

    Jamie on

  • I am wondering did the guy from Tasmania find out any new info on these products or how hard it was to get a permit as Tassie firearm laws are at the most draconian and to comply with the state law if treated as a imitation firearms ,is one subject to the usual police harassment ie.obtrusive visits ,storage requirements (i know that they are not firearms but we will be dealing with retarded politicians for the most part and a overzealous police dept)

    robert on

  • I don’t own one of these units but I was looking for some ’official’info on Gel Blasters in QLD. Found the below link which seems pretty clear and might be helpful for other prospective buyers

    Cam on

  • Thanks! I was really waiting for the new shipment

    Komal on

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